We are pleased to announce a new Sequim real estate book by Chuck Marunde written and published especially for buyers who are planning to move to Sequim and retire.  The title of the eBook is Buying Your Retirement Home, How to Search for Your Home.  The book answers questions about how to find the most accurate Sequim and Port Angeles MLS sites online, how to get reliable listing information, how to interpret the information online, how to filter listings, and how to save your short list of Sequim homes to view when you arrive.  This Sequim real estate book will help you find your ideal retirement home.

Sequim Real Estate Book for Buyers

Sequim Real Estate Book

Sequim Real Estate Book Secrets

This Sequim real estate book is full of secrets for buyers, and of course, secrets are only secret if you don’t know about them. Most buyers do not know some of the secrets in this eBook.  In the real estate industry there are many traps for the unwary buyer.  There is information that is unreliable.  You can waste countless hours searching the Internet for your retirement home, and even then you don’t know if what you have is trustworthy.  This Sequim real estate book gives you the truth about accurate and reliable sites.  It also gives you three decades of experience from real estate attorney and real estate broker Chuck Marunde. 

The book includes rich content on finding your home, but it also includes a number of photo galleries of the Sequim and Port Angeles area.  It is not only informative, it is entertaining.

Sequim Real Estate Book Author

Chuck Marunde loves giving buyers information about Sequim and about searching for and negotiating the best price and terms on their ideal retirement home, and he does that in this Sequim real estate book.  This eBook is available in the iTunes bookstore and can be downloaded to your iPad right now. This series is available at this time only for the iPad because of special programming that gives the book stunning photo galleries (and video and audio) and other features not generally available in regular eBooks. Chuck’s enthusiasm is obvious, “The great thing about technology and eBooks is that I can produce a nice product and sell it for a fraction of the cost of a printed version.  This eBook is only $2.99.  I love being able to offer a valuable resource like this to buyers at such an affordable price.”  You’ll need an iPad or an iPhone to download and read this book and see the nice photo galleries.  Download it now and enjoy this new Sequim real estate book.

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