Today I answer the question, “Does Sequim get snow?” with this photo. Now you know the dirty little secret. The answer is yes to “Does Sequim get snow?” This is February 8, 2019, and the Heavens are pouring snow upon the land with huge snowflakes. Make that gigantic snowflakes.

Does Sequim Get Snow

Does Sequim Get Snow?

I love to return phone calls to clients and say, “This is Chuck Marunde returning your call from sunny Sequim.” That usually is followed by a little chuckle as people know quite well the reputation of Sequim and our sunny weather in the blue hole. But today, I had to return some phone calls and say, “This is Chuck Marunde returning your call from the land of snow and ice, Sequim.” 

It was about 18 years ago that Sequim was hit with a record snow fall. I remember it well. We were all snowed in and couldn’t even get out of our driveways for several days. I dug my driveway out with a shovel and got to Safeway on the 3rd day of the snow, but the shelves were empty, at least for all the basic items we like to buy. All the bread shelves were empty, the milk was gone, no eggs left, not a banana in the store. It was a fascinating experience for me.

Does Sequim Get Snow? Are You Serious? Go Shopping!

So yesterday in preparation for the coming snow, I went to Safeway and Costco to pick up a few things. I got the very last shopping cart at Safeway, and many of the shelves were almost empty. I have never seen Costco this busy since they opened up in Sequim over a decade ago. The parking lot was almost full, and it normally is only half full.

Today I texted my firewood guy who is supposed to deliver another cord of firewood, but he texted back, “It may need to be tomorrow or Sunday depending on the roads as wrecks everywhere today.” 

Does Sequim Get Snow? Yes, but it’s been 22 years since I’ve seen snow like this. It’s kind of fun for a change, and young children always enjoy seeing snow and sledding for a day or two. My dog loves playing in the snow. But it is dangerous for many, because there will be some car accidents, and some people will have trouble getting out to pick up food or prescriptions.

So while we can say yes to does Sequim get snow, we can also say that it’s rare, unlike New York (and elsewhere in the midwest and northeast) where they see  this kind of weather (and worse) every winter.

If I get anymore phone calls today, maybe I’ll just have some fun, and go back to my original welcome about returning the call from sunny Sequim. On the other hand, if my caller asks, “Does Sequim get snow?,” I will be honest and share this photo with them.

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