Sequim weather is one of the major attractions to the Sequim area. The climate and weather could not be better, and Sequim has become famous for it’s Rain Shadow or Blue Hole with only one-third the rainfall of Seattle, 16 inches, which was the same as the Los Angeles area before their drought.

Sequim Weather

Sequim Weather and Real Estate

Sequim is uniquely located between the gorgeous Olympic Mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca with its many sheltered bays. The question I want to address today is how does rainfall and weather effect Sequim real estate based on the location of a home? Sequim sits right in the blue hole, and as you drive outside this radius of about seven miles, you begin to move into more rainfall. The Sequim Blue Hole is bigger than most people realize. Port Angeles, which is 15 miles west of Sequim, has only 4 to 6 inches more rain, but as you move west of Port Angeles, that is where the rain begins to dramatically increase. 

Sequim Weather and Elevation

As you drive into the hills on the south side of Sequim, the elevation increases, and at 1,000 feet elevation, the rainfall and snowfall (when we have snow) increases. While we don’t get much snow, and some winters see no snow at all, it will stick longer above 1,000 feet elevation than it does in Sequim at only  200 or 300 feet elevation. There are some beautiful areas in the hills overlooking Sequim and with stunning water views looking at the islands and British Columbia, but the Sequim weather does change up there. If you want to be as much as you can in the Blue Hole, that is between Sequim and the water to the north. This is where the Sequim weather has made Sequim famous.

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