Sequim tree removal is a popular search phrase, and it should be no surprise. There are a lot of trees on the Olympic Peninsula, and we have rich soil, rain, and sometimes wind. So trees fall down, which also means that preventive forestry is a good thing. But we also have such a rich climate, soil, sunshine, and rain that trees grow very rapidly here, so tree trimming and pruning is big, and Sequim tree removal is an important local service.

Sequim Tree Removal Service

Here’s a fun video of a Sequim Arborist, Joshua Dallen, at work. In this video he goes right up a tree like you might take your dog for a walk. He goes up 40 feet and makes it look so easy. The drone he is rescuing is mine, but I don’t want to talk about that. LOL

Sequim Tree Removal Video (Enlarge Video in HD Quality)

Joshua Dallen is the owner of Arbors Edge Tree Service, and he is a Certified Arborist? Did you know there is a big difference between a Certified Arborist and a Licensed Arborist?

There is, and Joshua explains the difference and his services on his website, which you’ll find at I highly recommend Joshua for Sequim tree removal. He sure did a great job rescuing my drone.

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