Where is Sequim? is a question asked by people in California, Texas, Florida, and the east coast. Many people have told me over the years that they were sitting in a coffee shop somewhere thousands of miles from Sequim when they heard someone near them asked, “Where is Sequim?” That always ended up in a conversation about Sequim, because one of the couples either lived in Sequim or was planning to move to Sequim.

Where is Sequim WA?

I have lived in Sequim going back 25 years, and being an avid photographer and videographer, I have thousands of photos and videos. For all those asking Where is Sequim, here is a fun little video I created to show you briefly where we are.

Google Earth is a great tool to view Sequim from above, and you can even travel as though you’re in a plane and see much of the Sequim area with Google Earth. The views are surprisingly good, and you’ll see some of that in this video, but I’ve also included drone video I took showing the Sequim valley from about 400 feet in a couple of panoramic views, one toward the north and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the San Juan Islands, and Seattle, and one toward the south and the Olympic Mountains. 

Where is Sequim?

Where is Sequim? Sequim is on the beautiful North Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle a couple of hours drive, and located between the stunning Olympic Mountains where it rains as much as 200 inches a year, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca across from British Columbia and the gorgeous city of Victoria, a pleasant ferry ride from Port Angeles. 

Sequim is one of the best kept secrets in America, because it is ideally located in a climate that has no temperature extremes, sits in a real blue hole where it only rains 16 inches a year, and is in a location outside all the natural disaster zones in other areas of the country. We have no hurricanes, no typhoons, no tornadoes, no flooding, no forest fires, no ugly snow storms, no summer storms of any consequence, no threat of breaking dams, no sky full of chem trails, no border with illegals crossing night and day, and a crime rate so low, it is amazing. We don’t even have poisonous snakes.

Where is Sequim you ask. Sequim is the Lavender capital of the country. It is a retiree’s dream where homes are affordable but still have mountain views or water views. It is a place where you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor recreational activities, swimming indoors, and enjoy our kayaking, sailing, and horse and walking trails. Yet Sequim is only a couple of hours from downtown Seattle, so enjoying a sporting event, a concert, or shopping is an pleasant afternoon or evening trip.

If you haven’t visited the area, you surely ought to. Who knows, you may fall in love all over again. Then some day if you are sitting in a Starbucks in Santa Barbara and you hear someone say, “Where is Sequim?,” you’ll be able to strike up a fun conversation. 

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