What do I mean? There are about a thousand ways to get into legal trouble in a real estate transaction, so my recommendation is that you practice preventive law to stay out of trouble before you sign a contract to buy. There are literally volumes written on the problems people get into, and I’m sure you don’t want an expose here on that laundry list, but you can save yourself so much stress, money, and time by doing your due diligence ahead of time, and frankly, if you’re not a real estate expert now, you need to become one unless you like playing Russian Roulette. I realize this is blunt language, but would you rather I not tell you the truth from a real estate lawyer’s perspective? Thank God I’m no longer a lawyer. I’m a Realtor now, but I still see the same old nightmares all the time. My hope for you is that you live long on your real estate and prosper!

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