Buying a home out of town is something worth thinking about before you arrive in Sequim or Port Angeles or Port Townsend. How far out of town are you willing to live? What if your number one home is 15 minutes from downtown Sequim? What if the home with a water view that stirs your soul is 15 minutes west of Port Angeles? What would you do?

Buying a Home Out of Town

Buying a Home Out of Town and Shopping

Convenience is an important consideration when it comes to buying a home out of town, and the further out you are, the longer the drive to the grocery store, Costco, Home Depot, WalMart, or the pharmacy. I realize I’m saying the obvious, but the reason it is worth thinking about is because some of the most incredible homes are further out on the concentric circles from our urban centers.

Sometimes a home further from town is also on the side of a mountain or high enough to have an extraordinary water view of International waters. That can also mean a steep road or driveway. We don’t get snow very often, and we can go for years without any snow, but snow and ice can happen. This is a consideration for most buyers, but even Bell Hill in Sequim has some incredibly steep roads and driveways.

Buying a Home Out of Town and Price

There is an advantage for buyers who are willing to drive 15 or more minutes to town. Can you guess what that advantage is? If you’re thinking price, you are right. As you get further out of town, price goes down. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Buyers who want to be close to shopping have to pay more for homes in higher demand. Buying a home out of town means lower demand and lower prices. A gorgeous home right in town with a great water view that sells for $750,000 might sell for $625,000 just 18 minutes out of town. That’s a $125,000 difference.

How far would you be willing to drive to save a lot of money? Maybe the only home you really love would mean buying a home out of town? It’s something worth thinking about. Buying a home out of town.


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