Do Realtors exaggerate about their success using statistics? I think we all know the answer to that. The most articulate answer probably goes something like this, “Some Realtors exaggerate their statistics to make themselves look better than they are, some Realtors exaggerate a little from time to time (still inexcusable), and some Realtors are absolutely honest and never exaggerate their sales statistics.” 

Realtors Exaggerate

I’m passionate about being absolutely truthful about how we use statistics at iRealty. Do Realtors exaggerate here? No. We don’t need to exaggerate, and we don’t need to defend ourselves when other brokers misuse statistics or say something about us that isn’t true, but I do think truth is everything. While this issue of Realtors exaggerating with the use of statistics is relatively minor in the context of all the bigger issues in life, I think honesty and being truthful is extremely important. 

Realtors Exaggerate?

I believe that “truth” is the most important word in all of history. Alexander Solzhenitsyn had it right when he wrote, “One word of truth will outweigh the whole world.” And the one man who had the greatest impact on all of human history was a man called Jesus, who called himself “The Truth.”

For myself, I never feel like I have any corner on the truth, because I am constantly learning and expect to be learning until the day I die. But one thing I do not do is misrepresent the truth or distort it or lie. The truth reigns here at this brokerage, because I think the truth is the single most important word in the world.

Realtors Exaggerate But Not Here

Why is this minor issue about how Realtors exaggerate important for iRealty? Because at the foundation of all the values at iRealty, truth and honesty and integrity are the most important. Everything else is secondary. “Everything else is just cheap whiskey.”

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