Do Athletes Have Dual Agents?Dual agency is legal in Washington, but I strongly believe there is a huge conflict of interest when an agent tells his selling client, “I promise to get you the highest possible price,” while also telling his buying client, “I promise to get you the lowest possible price.”

Imagine what a listing agent does for a seller. He or she has worked with a seller for six months to one year to list and market a property, with many many hours of paperwork, planning, writing ads, posting listings, meeting with the seller many times and having phone calls weekly, emailing and talking with prospective buyers, spending numerous hours behind the scenes, encouraging the seller and building an emotional bond, and who has committed his or her best efforts to get the highest possible price from any buyer who does show up.

Now imagine a buyer who drops into town and who calls that listing agent to drive around and look at homes for one afternoon. How can we honestly suggest the agent can fairly represent both the buyer and seller without bias?

Do professional athletes have dual agents?   Not a chance.

I did a very short video on this at:   Dual Agency Wrong

For an interesting debate on dual agency by real estate agents across the country, take a look at this article, Right or Wrong:   Dual Agency.

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