Foreclosure help is available, although in the Sequim area we have very few foreclosures compared to everywhere else around the country.  A lawsuit by Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna clearly lays out the arguments for consumers, and if you’d like to see what those arguments are in the actual complaint, go to Foreclosure Help.  Consumers definitely got ripped off by the mortgage and banking industry, and while a recent $25 billion settlement with the banks is a good thing, millions of Americans will never be made whole.

Foreclosure Help in Washington

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure Help

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of homeowners who had their homes foreclosed, or who are going through a foreclosure right now, foreclosure help comes too little too late.  I don’t know anyone who has received relief and who has been made whole from a wrongful foreclosure, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who was made whole.  The hullabaloo is probably more of a politician’s heyday to get attention than it is really to help individuals.  If you click on the image above, you’ll be taken to the Washington Attorney General’s website where you’ll find more information on possible help and resolutions.

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