The Sequim real estate market has picked up this spring much more aggressively than in the past six years. This chart shows what has happened in the first three months of this year compared to the prior two years. January and February were not unusual, but March and April took off for Sequim homes selling above $100,000.

Real Estate Market

The Sequim Real Estate Market

In March of 2012 only 18 homes sold, and that increased to 29 homes in 2013 and again to 40 this year. And in April of 2012 only 21 homes sold, but that increased to 28 in 2013 and to 38 this year. Those are huge leaps in volume, especially in a small real estate market like Sequim’s.

Recently I had clients email me their list of six homes they would like to see when they arrive, and three of those homes just sold before they could see them. I have another couple coming who had a dozen homes to view, and four of those homes just sold. Last week I sold a home for full listed price, and the week before I sold a home for $10,000 above listed price. What does all this mean?

What This Real Estate Market Means for Buyers

It just means that the market is improving, and homes are selling once again. From a buyer perspective, it means when you find the ideal home, and you’re sure it is the home you would love to own in your retirement years, write the offer, or someone else may buy it. Wisdom does not get in a hurry, so patience and due diligence are the rule, but when you do make that decision to make an offer on a home, I don’t recommend procrastinating in this real estate market.

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