Selling a home as you simultaneously buy a home in Sequim, Washington is what 95% of retirees do when they move to Sequim. Even the Vikings would acknowledge that it is “no small matter” to sell a home in California, get through all the hurdles and contingencies, get your money, and at the same time find the ideal home in Sequim, reach an agreement with the seller before someone else snatches the house out from under you, and then get through all your due diligence and inspections, to coordinate the closing dates of both transactions so you won’t have to live on the street and move twice by putting all your possessions and furniture in storage once and then move it into your new Sequim home. And of course, there is coordinating the moving vans, which again is no small matter. The uncertainties and the stress is enough to exhaust a strong human being.

Selling a Home Outside of Sequim

There’s so much to know about selling a home, and while many of my readers have bought and sold several homes in their lifetimes, may I politely suggest that is far from the experience you need to be an expert in real estate. You can learn a lot, and you can be smart, but that alone won’t protect you from major mistakes or traps for the unwary. I know this because I practiced real estate law for 20 years and have been in real estate going back 40 years.

Please do take advantage of the resources I put online for you, all absolutely free and with no registration requirement. I give it all away, because in the end the wonderful clients I hope to work with will retain me as their buyer’s agent. Understand I’m describing a filtering process, and it is your job to do your due diligence on the Internet, to research Sequim Buyer’s Agents or Sequim Agents (aka Sequim Brokers), and discern who has the level of knowledge, experience, and Integrity you really want.

I want you to have a smooth transaction when selling a home and when simultaneously buying a home in Sequim, and I am willing to share everything I’ve ever learned with you absolutely free. I don’t even charge you a “Buyer’s Agency” fee. I cost you nothing, because I take half the commission from the listing broker. Here’s a little video I did to help sellers:

Buying a Home in Sequim

I created many videos for buyers, and here’s one that I hope is helpful, but you can look up my entire Sequim Buyer’s Videos series if you want.

Selling a Home and Buying a Home Simultaneously

Doing all of this simultaneously requires a great deal of coordination,  a little like a conductor of an orchestra. There are many parts and many things to coordinate. I’ve been through the process for buyers for decades. I hope I’ll have the privilege of working with you to coordinate your buying a home in Sequim.

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