A real estate broker has a business model and personal values that guide how and what he does for his clients. Too often a real estate broker is focused purely on his commissions, and so everything he does is deeply influenced by the profit motive. The average client would assume their real estate broker is putting their interests above all else. Today I want to share for the first time the core principles that guide this real estate broker, and this is really more about than it is about me.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker Principles

First, my clients are at the center of the Universe. This means my entire business, all my marketing, my customer service, what I do and how I do it for clients is guided by my client’s best interests. They are at the center of the Universe and everything I do revolves around them, not me. I never compromise my clients’ needs and preferences.

Second, life is all about relationships. Life is not about things and money. Life is about people living their lives and enjoying their relationships. Buying a home is about quality of life, and that means relationships with your spouse, children, and friends. As a real estate broker I understand my small but important role in my client’s life.

Third, at the end of every decision is a person. I love this principle, because it puts what I do in perspective and reminds me that everything I do for my clients affects someone’s life. 

Fourth, this real estate transaction may be the most important transaction of my client’s life. Every real estate transaction is important, but for my client, this transaction is everything. That makes what I do in each transaction far more important than myself. 

Real Estate Broker Focus on Clients’ Best Interests

Every single client gets my undivided attention, and I give each of my clients all my all my focus and all my emotional energy. I hope this is helpful, and I hope this is a gentle reminder that your real estate broker should be more than just a sales person.

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