I am pleased to share that this Sequim real estate agent represented more buyers and sold more single family homes in 2013 than any other individual agent in all of Clallam County, which includes Sequim and Port Angeles and beyond. I don’t much care about statistics, but this is really a big affirmation that this business model and the experience of this agent is serving buyers exceedingly well. By the way, here’s documented proof from the Olympic Listing Service.

Sequim Real Estate Agent

Sequim Real Estate Agent – Selling Homes

Let me share some Realtor insight. There are agents who list a lot of properties, and there are agents who sell a lot of properties. For Sequim homeowners and buyers of single family homes, they are only interested in agents who sell single family homes (not commercial properties). Here’s my rhetorical question, “What’s more impressive: an agent who lists a lot of properties that other agents sell, or the agents who sell those properties.” As I’ve said before, anyone can list a property, but it takes a good Realtor to sell real estate. By the way, there are also some “real estate teams,” which consists of multiple agents. I am looking at individual selling agents in this article, not the combined volume of entire teams.

Sequim Real Estate Agent – Buyer’s Agent

The number one selling agent (or buyer’s agent) of single family homes in 2013 in the Sequim and Port Angeles area sold 60.7% more than the next closest selling agent. (See the above graphic.) This means he represented more buyers of single family homes than any other agent. In other words, this is the number one Sequim Buyer’s Agent. There’s got to be an explanation for why buyers helped this Sequim real estate agent to sell 60.7% more in dollar volume of single family homes than the next closest agent.

I have some thoughts on what those reasons might be, and I’ll throw these words out to paint a picture: real estate experience (37 years), education (B.A. in economics and law), career experience as a Realtor and as a real estate attorney for 20 years, real estate author, national consultant on real estate marketing and Internet marketing, loyalty, and honesty and integrity. Another thing–great personal customer service. And one last thing–old fashioned hard work.

I don’t need to know that I’m the number one buyer’s agent in Sequim, and I don’t care about statistics. My self-esteem is intact regardless, but you won’t have any idea where I stand in the community of Realtors if I don’t share this. What I do value is that my clients, my buyers from all over the country, have confidence in me and retain me as their Sequim real estate agent. For that I am deeply grateful and humbled.

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