Chuck Marunde has created the first Sequim Chrome Extension. What is a Sequim Chrome Extension? If you use the Chrome browser, you may have installed extensions before. Extensions are little programs that perform a particular task and do it conveniently in your browser. 

Sequim Chrome Extension

Sequim Chrome Extension

First, what is the benefit to you as a prospective buyer, and why would you install this free extension? The extension gives you an instant link to the largest Sequim Real Estate Blog on the planet with over 2,000 articles written for buyers retiring to Sequim, another link to the best Sequim MLS site that was designed and programmed specifically to give you 100% accuracy in Sequim listings, easy navigation, and powerful tools for advanced searches of any kind, including sold properties that closed in the last 12 months. You’ll also see a link to the number one Sequim Real Estate Video site with many professional quality videos scripted and produced for buyers, walking you through the entire home buying process from A to Z. In addition, there is a link to Chuck Marunde’s Twitter site, and as a bonus, a link to the San Juan Islands MLS site. You also have access to all of Chuck’s books when you go deep in this Sequim Chrome Extension.

Second, why the extension? What’s so convenient about a Sequim Chrome Extension?

After the extension is installed, you’ll see a small “S” in the upper right margin of your Chrome browser, and when you click on that “S”, you will see the links outlined above. The links take you right to the updated versions of each of these sites, and the extension will always be automatically updated in your browser. There’s no need to bookmark multiple sites and try to keep these bookmarks in the right place where you can find them amidst your 1,700 other bookmarked sites.

How to find this Sequim Chrome Extension

Just go to the Chrome Store, which you’ll find through your Chrome Browser settings and Extensions and then to the Chrome Store, and do a search for “Sequim”, and there it is. The first and only Sequim Chrome Extension. Have fun.

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