I think you should buy a home in Sequim. Why? In the past months I have strongly urged my readers to buy a home in Sequim after selling their current home. I follow the economy (nationally and Internationally), the real estate markets across America, and I am persuaded that many key areas of the U.S. are going to see a strong pull back in real estate sales and prices soon, especially in California and in many major metropolitan areas across the U.S. If prices are going to pull back, why buy a home in Sequim? Because the exodus is from California and other states to rural areas like Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula, and with a small inventory, the demand for homes retirees want will hold prices steady in Sequim, or even push them up a little.

I include this video about the Australian real estate market, not because we are dependent on that market, but because it is a lesson about what can happen and how an entire nation of people can be caught off guard. What we have to watch for in International markets is what starts in one nation and then continues in a domino effect around the world. We are already seeing danger signs across metropolitan areas in the U.S., areas that were hot over the past two years but have cooled off dramatically in the past six months.

Buy a Home in Sequim After Selling Your Current Home

The best homes in the best areas have been selling in the Sequim area, despite the fact that real estate markets elsewhere have been cooling off. That’s because retirees are doing their research, and they are looking for a safe place to live, a reasonably mild climate (despite our recent bad weather in Sequim), a place far from terrible storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire storms, erupting volcanoes, and areas where a major earthquake could trap them in a city with no where to run. Sequim has none of these major problems plaguing so much of our country, and Sequim has an extremely low crime rate. All this, and more, is why I recommend that you buy a home in Sequim, and that you do so now.

Buy a Home in Sequim

Sequim also has affordable home prices. And talking about home prices, selling your home in California might not be a price issue. I have argued that there may come a time when you can’t sell your California home at any price. The list of problems in California is long, and I listed some of them in an earlier article [Why Are People Leaving California?], which includes a video I recommend. The partial list of problems includes:

Apocalyptic forest fires, floods and mudslides, droughts, pollution, infested dying trees by the millions, grossly overpriced real estate, increasing nightmare crime statistics, unending traffic congestion, illegal alien invasions, massive fracking and drilling, never-ending increases in taxes and regulations, unstoppable government spending at all levels, and what has become a form of political insanity.

I’m not a prophet, a seer, the seventh son of a seventh son, so I can’t see the future, but . . . if you have been planning to retire and live in a safe place, I strongly urge you to develop a sense of urgency. We don’t know how much time we have. Right? If you plan to buy a home in Sequim, do it sooner rather than later. 

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