I recommend all my buyers have a Sequim home inspection completed as one of the contingencies of buying a home in Sequim.  You can do your own Sequim home inspection if you are an expert in construction, heating and circulation systems, wells and septics, electrical, foundations, roofing, siding, appliances, and so on, but most of my buyers are not.  It makes sense, in my opinion, to hire a local expert who has inspected hundreds of homes in the area and who knows the potential red flags that will protect you from buying a home with a serious defect.

Sequim Home Inspection for Buyers

Sequim Home Inspection

Sequim Home Inspection Process

This morning I will attend a home inspection with a client from California.  As a Sequim Buyer’s Agent, I like to attend inspections with my clients when possible, but especially when they cannot be here.  This is a three bedroom single level home in a very nice neighborhood with a peaceful view of farmers’ fields from the back yard and a sweet view of the Olympic Mountains.  This is a beautiful home with great curb appeal, and this is all the more reason to have a detailed Sequim home inspection done by an expert.  If there are issues of any kind that are not visible, but could be expensive problems to repair later, my clients need to know now so they can have the seller take care of the problem or negotiate a reduction in the price they already agreed upon.

Sequim Home Inspector

Sequim Home Inspection Cost

A Sequim home inspection will typically cost from $350 to $450, a price well worth the information and protection in my opinion. As a buyer, you pay this cost, normally directly to your Sequim home inspector.  While a home inspection is not a guarantee, it is a form of insurance so you won’t be surprised with a problem that could or should have been caught before you close your purchase.

In this photo Tyler Conkle explains what he looks for in the electrical system during a Sequim home inspection.

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