You need Sequim Internet, or you will need it when you buy a home in Sequim, but you’re wondering about Internet speeds and how to find out the answers to your questions, specifically what areas in and around Sequim have high speed Internet, and what service providers to use and what equipment to buy or lease. This article is based on what I’ve learned after living in Sequim for 25 years, and using different Internet services and different equipment. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours, days, and now years it has taken to bring me to this place to share this and to include my short video on the Sequim Internet. Because I use the Internet far more than anyone I know in the real estate business, this information should be helpful to you, because it comes from years of hardcore experience.

As a brief background, Sequim does have T-1 lines passing through with the highest available Internet speeds, and Verizon and AT&T are well established here, but the precise location of your home will define what kind of download and upload speeds you can get on the Internet. There are locations in and around Sequim where CenturyLink (and WAVE) have 100 mbps download, and other locations where CenturyLink only offers 10 mbps download and less than 1 mbps upload. And there are homes where one or both services are not available at all. Hughes Net offers service here but after trying it, it was a nightmare and so was their customer service. While DISH and DirectTV advertise Internet services, in rural areas like Sequim, it is still unavailable.

Sequim Internet

Unfortunately, as you probably have learned in life’s school of hard knocks, if you want to get good answers to your questions, you will have to do the hard research yourself. One example will make the point. I ask a young Verizon customer service rep for help in choosing the right mobile hotspot equipment and service, and he sold me an outdated piece of junk, and I had to spend an incredible number of hours on the phone with Verizon techs and many hours of online research and more hours of watching Youtube videos to find out the CORRECT answers to my questions.

I wanted Sequim Internet that was fast, secure, and reliably consistent. Is that too much to ask? I used Century Link Internet for over 4 years, but it was exceedingly slow on the uploads, typically less than one (1) mbps. My goodness, uploading a 5 to 10 minutes video would often take 5 or 6 hours! That is just unacceptable. 

Sequim Internet Questions and Answers

Finally, I reached my threshold of pain on the Sequim Internet, and started doing my online research again. Youtube has many helpful videos for niche problems, and I discovered that I could buy a mobile hotspot and sign up for a Verizon or AT&T service for unlimited data and get far faster upload and download speeds than my slow Century Link.

This is when the young and inexperienced Verizon Customer Service Rep sold me the Verizon Ellipsis jetpack. I believe he was sincere, and a nice young man, but incredibly ignorant about the Ellipsis he sold me and my other options. That sent me on a journey to find Sequim Internet at fast and reasonable rates. And I discovered a really great answer that has revolutionized my Internet experiences! But not without going through the Valley of Trial and Error first.

This video was the result. I hope it is helpful to you in your own quest for high speed Sequim Internet.

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