Work from home? You may be retiring from a career, but retiring in Sequim doesn’t mean you can’t still have an extra income. Many retirees are working from home part time in Sequim and Port Angeles. For some it’s not about the income–it’s about their passion and doing something they’ve dreamed about their whole lives. For others it is about the income and doing something they enjoy.

Work From Home

Working From Home for Fun

Technology and the Internet has changed business and making money forever, and it is more realistic to work from home today than ever before. This is great for retirees moving to Sequim. Many of my clients retire from professional careers and continue with their own consulting business, which they conduct primarily online with an occasional meeting they can drive or fly to. But many corporations are now having employees work from home or sub-contracting work out to people who work from home.

I’ve had clients in Sequim who work from home as artists, architects, teachers, seminar instructors, engineers, Realtors, day traders (stocks, options, futures, commodities), authors, scientists, business development consultants, and clients who made and sold products of various kinds from home ranging from complex electronic devices to quilts and everything in between.

Working From Home for Money

You can work from home now with tools that were not available to us 20 or 30 years ago. You can drop ship items, or do research and draft reports and email them anywhere in the world, and you can accept payments online with secure payments systems. You can create a beautiful and professional virtual office on the Internet, allowing you as a small entrepreneur to work from home and complete with big corporations.

If you are planning to retire in Sequim, you might consider doing what you’ve always had a passion to do, and/or earning extra money while you work from home part time. The Internet and the great tech tools we have at our fingertips has made all this possible, and time and distance have almost been eliminated in marketing today. Just food for thought. Consider work from home.

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