The Sequim real estate inventory is a small inventory, and the mix of homes in our small inventory is very important to retirees moving to Sequim.  For example, you might wonder how many total homes are for sale in Sequim, or how many homes are site built and how many are manufactured homes, or how many foreclosures there are in the Sequim market. When you narrow your search down to the kind of home you want, the list of homes available gets smaller.  Here is a glimpse of the Sequim real estate market for buyers.

Sequim Real Estate

Sequim Real Estate Active Listings

There are 808 active listings in Clallam County, and 500 of those are Sequim active listings.  Of the 808 listings in the County, 617 are site built homes and 358 are in the Sequim area.  There are 58 condos and town homes listed for sale in the county, and 55 of those are in Sequim.

Sequim Real Estate Homes Sold

There are 144 homes sold and currently pending in Clallam County, and 78 are Sequim homes.  So far this calendar year, two homes are selling every single day, not counting weekends.

Sequim Real Estate Short Sales and REOs

There are 42 short sale homes listed in Clallam County with 17 in Sequim.  There are 53 foreclosure listings in the county, and only 20 of those are in the Sequim area.  

When you break the inventory of homes for sale down like this, it makes you realize that the inventory is quite small in the Sequim area.  When you think about the kind of home you want, the inventory gets even smaller.  For example, if you want a site built home in the Sequim area with 3 bedrooms priced between $250,000 and $325,000, there are only 59 for sale.  Of these 59 homes, 22 have been on the market for longer than 100 days and seven for more than a year.  How many days a home has been on the market is not conclusive, but many other buyers just like you have passed these homes up.  

All of this means the inventory of homes available for you personally may be quite small.  There may only be a half dozen homes that you would consider buying, and of those maybe only one that you would buy.  The Sequim real estate inventory really is a small inventory.

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