My son, Bristol Marunde, is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is dedicated, has incredible self-discipline, and he knows he has to have the attitude of a champion.

It has been said that attitude is everything. Platitudes are often of little value, but they also can remind me of inspiring truths.

I think attitude is everything. It’s fundamental to operating a real estate brokerage. It’s important in having positive relationships, in making new friends, and in relating to family. Life is all about relationships, so a positive attitude is vital to a healthy and happy life.

As a lawyer I saw negative attitudes all the time, not so much in my own clients, but in opposing parties and their lawyers. In real estate sales and as a Realtor now, I see negative attitudes.

Here’s where negative thinking in real estate sales can be self-destructive. For buyers and sellers it can hinder a person’s ability to see clearly on issues of price, effective vs. ineffective marketing, market variables, understanding comps, negotiating the best price, and managing conflict.

But here’s where it gets interesting to me, and I’m talking about the behind the scenes “stuff” in real estate sales. Agents who are negative, have a critical spirit, or have other attitude issues, are not nearly as effective and successful as they could be for their clients. There is a night and day difference between people with negative and positive attitudes.

In sales of any kind, this is absolutely critical. People don’t like to be around people with deep issues of bitterness, unforgiveness, selfishness, jealousy, and anger. These are self-destructive, but we get very good as masking such secret sins, and putting on our best face to sell to the public.

On the other hand, a person who is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy will be a delight to be around, and this person is much more likely to be a success for his clients in real estate. A happy salesman is a much more powerful saleman. People love to be around someone who is truly happy. People may not articulate such things, but they don’t have to. The subconscious is constantly collecting such information.

I love to be around positive people. So do buyers. So do sellers. Who doesn’t?

[The photo above is Bristol Marunde, professional mixed martial arts fighter, aka cagefighter. Just another of 1,000’s of photos this proud father has taken of him over the years. This was a recent fight in Shelton, Washington. P.S. His next fight in June 7th at the Emerald Queens Casino in Fife, Washington.]

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