Bristol Marunde of Sequim dominated his opponent, Will Courchaine, at the Emerald Queen Casino June 7, 2008 in another MMA (mixed martial arts) battle. The fight ended at the close of the first round (4:51) when Bristol submitted his opponent with a Kimura arm lock.

The fight began with Courchaine trying to slug it out with Bristol with powerful strikes to the head, but Bristol’s defenses held up well. An early punch caught Bristol on the side of the head, but Bristol remained calm.
Bristol controlled the fight, and when Courchaine tried to kick, Bristol took him down and dominated him with strikes to the head and stomach in a north-south position. The fight ended quickly when Bristol locked his opponent’s arm in a painful Kimura.
Bristol’s game is better than ever. He’s deadly not only in his standup, but his technique in submissions has cobra-like effectiveness. You don’t want to get tied up with Bristol. His unusual strength and speed combined with his technique are paying off in the ring.
After the fight, Bristol reflected, “I felt really good, totally calm throughout this fight, and I had a really great corner helping me. God is good.”

For more photos of Bristol’s fight, go to Northwest FightScene.

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