When you’re buying a home, you will order a home inspection report, and when you review that report, you have an opportunity to ask the seller to address any serious problems. I don’t recommend trying to renegotiate the price again because of minor issues in the home inspection report, but if there is something seriously wrong, like standing water in the crawl space or mold throughout the house, then you have the right to terminate the transaction and get your earnest money back.

The Home Inspection Report

The Home Inspection Report Response

Based on your home inspection addendum, you have a designated number of days to have your home inspection report done, and if you have a response to give to the seller, you will use a Form 35R, which is the home inspection report response. If you’re satisfied with your home inspection report, you will check that box on the response form, but as a buyer you don’t have to issue a form 35R if you are satisfied and not asking the seller to do anything. The 35R is optional for a buyer and is not required by law.

I’ve written many articles on this blog about the home inspection report if you want to round out your understanding of what is involved and how to handle various issues in the Sequim and Port Angeles and Port Townsend areas. [Read more at Sequim Home Inspections] And you might enjoy the video above on the home inspection report.

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