Who says homes don’t sell in the winter months? Many sellers say that, and as a result many sellers take their homes off the market during the winter months with the idea that they will re-list it in the spring. While the sales of homes typically does slow down a little in the dead of winter, it would have been a mistake to take a listing off the market if the assumption is that buyers are not arriving and buying homes in Sequim. Because they are buying homes in surprising numbers in the past few weeks in December and now in January.


Homes Selling in Large Numbers Suddenly

I sold a home a couple of weeks ago for $279,500, and last week I sold a home for $309,000. A few days ago I received an offer of $600,000+ on one of my listings, another offer on another listing yesterday that was rejected by my client, and I sold a beautiful condo yesterday for $360,000. This afternoon I’ll be showing homes to another buyer. This is busy for the end of December and early January, and it’s a good sign. But this clearly demonstrates that it is a pure myth that homes don’t sell in the winter months, and sellers who have taken their homes off the market may have missed a buyer.

Homes Listed

If you are a regular reader of this real estate blog, you know that the inventory of the best homes in the best areas has been shrinking. Supply and demand is an unemotional economic reality, and with supply shrinking and buyers arriving in large numbers, the prices of homes are inevitably going to be pushed upward. To search for your ideal home, filter the results and save your favorites, and to receive email alerts of brand new listings, I recommend you use this powerful and easy-to-use Sequim MLS (and Port Angeles MLS) site. You will find it at Sequim Homes For Sale.

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