Real estate advertising is obviously an important subject when it comes to selling your home, and that is true wherever you home is located in the United States. Every market is unique to some extent, and advertising that might work in one market may not work so well in another market, but there is one universal truth that all sellers should know with certainty today. Print advertising and especially newspaper advertising is dead.

Real Estate Advertising

If you’re planning to retiree in Sequim and buy a home, and you must sell your home in California or Colorado or Florida, you’ve got to have good advertising and an effective marketing system to highly qualified buyers. You will rely on your listing Realtor to have extensive real estate knowledge and vast marketing knowledge, and a great marketing system to qualified buyers. Let me add the obvious here–you’ve got to have sufficient discernment yourself to filter though listing Realtors to find and hire those who are qualified.

Real Estate Advertising

In my podcast above, you’ll hear my 40 years of experience on the subject of advertising with a focus on print advertising and its ineffectiveness today to sell real estate. Real estate advertising is important, but you’ve got to know what works and doesn’t work.

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