Listing email alerts are very important if you want to keep track of active MLS listings. If you have one or several homes that you are tracking, or a long list of favorites, it would be a lot of work to constantly check every single listing to see if the status has changed from active to pending. Listing email alerts will also alert you to price changes. I designed and programmed a Sequim MLS site that will do exactly that with listing email alerts. It’s wonderful and easy to use. This video will show you exactly how to use listing email alerts.

Listing Email Alerts

When you open a listing at, you’ll notice there is a status field called “Status.” Most MLS sites do not even show you the status of a listing. I included it because I think buyers deserve to know. This status field will show you if a listing is “Active” and still available, or if it is “Active Under Contract” (the equivalent of Pending).

Listing Email Alerts and Backup Offers

In the Sequim area, if listing email alerts tell you that some of the listings on your list are now pending, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still possible to make an offer. There may be only a remote possibility that the first offer will fall through, either because the buyer’s financing fails or there are home inspection issues that caused the buyer to walk. It is possible to draft a backup offer, but this requires some careful consideration and strategy. Transactions do not fail very often in this market, so a backup offer could be a waste of time, but this is something you would want to discuss with an experienced Realtor. Like me. (How’s that for a not-so-subtle pitch?) 

Between now and the time you come to view Sequim homes, I think you’ll find listing email alerts very useful.

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