I recommend a Sequim home inspection to all my buyers.  When you buy a home, you’ll want a thorough inspection of the home, the heating and electrical, the plumbing, the structure, the roofing, the crawl space, the appliances that stay, and so on.  If there is anything wrong or any problems, you want to know during the due diligence period.  Newer homes in Sequim are less likely to have serious issues, but older homes could have.

Sequim Home Inspection

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Sequim Home InspectionAn experienced, detail oriented, and patient inspector is easily worth the $400 you’ll spend on a Sequim home inspection report.  In this photo, Alan Jogerst, owner of Hadlock Home Inspection is conducting a Diamond Point home inspection.  Diamond Point is only 12 miles from Sequim and a short distance from Port Hadlock.  Alan uses a laptop computer with special software to add information and photos while he is on site, and then he emails a full copy of the detailed report the same day to the owner and to the buyer’s agent.

Sequim Home Inspection

If you do find a serious issue that you want to address with the seller, you must use a form 35R, which is an Inspection Response form.  In that form you can ask the seller to repair the problem, or you might ask for a credit at closing.  If you don’t respond at all within the inspection time period, you automatically waive any right to terminate the transaction based on the Home Inspection Addendum.

When you have mutual acceptance, your buyer’s agent will help you coordinate all the details of your Sequim home inspection and complete the due diligence necessary.

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