Home InspectionA home inspection is standard procedure for a buyer who has reached mutual acceptance with a Sequim seller.  Once you reach an agreement on price with the seller, you have an opportunity to have the home inspected, assuming you have attached a form 35 addendum to your Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA).  The home inspection addendum has some amazing language, which essentially gives you as the buyer the opportunity to walk away from the transaction if there is anything at all that you decide you don’t like in the home inspection report.  Here is the language, and notice the word “subjective.”

Home Inspection Addendum

INSPECTION CONTINGENCY.  This Agreement is conditioned on Buyer’s subjective satisfaction with inspections of the Property and the improvements on the Property.  Buyer’s inspections may include, at Buyer’s option and without limitation, the structural, mechanical and general condition of the improvements to the Property, compliance with building and zoning codes, an inspection of the Property for hazardous materials, a pest inspection, and a soils/stability inspection.  [Boldface added for emphasis]

Yes, this means you really could cancel the transaction within the inspection due diligence period.  The default time period within which you must complete your home inspection is 10 days in our standard addendum, but for many of my clients from outside the area, I increase that to 14 days or even 20 days if we need the time to complete the due diligence on several issues.

Home Inspection is a Good Idea

It’s a good idea to have a home inspection, because a home inspector who does a thorough job may find things that don’t work or could be a serious problem.  Tyler Conkle of Vanguard Home Inspections puts on his overalls and crawls through every area beneath a house with his flashlight and digital camera.  If there is any sign of moisture, rotting beams, or any sign of possible pest infestation, he documents it.  He goes through the attic, walks on the roof, examines the siding, the decks, and tests all of the appliances in the house, the furnace, heat pump, and goes through an extensive check list.  This service is well worth it for only $400.

Home Inspection Response

If you do find a serious issue that you want to address with the seller, you must use a form 35R, which is an Inspection Response form.  In that form you can ask the seller to repair the problem, or you might ask for a credit at closing.  If you don’t respond at all within the inspection time period, you automatically waive any right to terminate the transaction based on the Home Inspection Addendum.

Not everyone insists on a home inspection.  Some buyers with a lot of experience in construction will choose to do their own inspection.  Nothing wrong with that, but for most buyers I do recommend a home inspection.

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