High speed Internet used to be a minor consideration when buying a home, but today access to high speed Internet is absolutely critical for some buyers. Even for those who do not use the Internet to run a business from home or day trade stocks, streaming Netflix movies or Amazon movies is becoming an important part of our lives. All of these services require high speed Internet, not slow DSL.

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Access

Sometimes it is very hard to find out if a property you are thinking about buying is serviced by high speed Internet. Servicer providers typically have specific boundaries and sometimes overlapping service areas. Here is one way to simplify your search and reduce your frustration. Just go to Clallam County High Speed Internet, insert the address and Voila!, you will see all the companies that service that area. I’ve checked many properties on this site, and for all the properties I have searched, this site has been accurate, but it may not include a local Internet service provider like Nikola. Nikola is a satellite Internet service provider. In researching particular properties, you may have to go beyond information available on the Internet and make several phone local phone calls.

High Speed Internet Important

I keep a checklist of important items that buyers need to check before they purchase a home, and I’ve added high speed Internet access to that list. This site above is one that Internet service providers (salesmen) often use themselves, so apparently this is an authoritative site on high speed Internet.

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