Choosing a Sequim real estate broker is harder than most people realize. Choosing a real estate broker requires some research skills, a certain level of discernment, and this is true whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Here’s a fun video that I think you’ll enjoy. I just updated it, because I realized you needed to see more proof or more evidence that we are who we say we are. It highlights a few of the best things iRealty Virtual Brokers does for buyers and sellers, but you might be surprised at how much we do for our clients. We do many things no other Sequim brokers do at all, and we have been setting the pace for a decade now with many firsts in our market.

Real Estate Broker Video

But watch the video for yourself, and if you want a free copy of our latest eBook entitled The Seven Myths of Selling Your Home, just email me ( and tell me which eBook version you want (iBooks, Kindle, Kobe, Nook), and be sure to use “eBook Request” in the subject of your email. You must be a Sequim resident to qualify for the free ebook. Be sure to include your Sequim address in your email for proof.

To get the most out of this video, you should enlarge it to fill your screen.

Included in this eBook is our 26-point checklist for choosing a real estate broker. This is a full book with the paperback version over 270 pages. This eBook version includes more material than the paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Find Your Real Estate Broker

There are plenty of real estate brokers in the field, but how will you filter them? One real estate broker is not necessarily like another real estate broker. After you’ve done your due diligence, I hope you’ll choose iRealty as your Sequim real estate broker.

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