Lake Crescent real estate is hard to find, partly because it is a gorgeous lake in high demand and partly because there is very little privately owned property on the lake.  Lake Crescent is a deep blue lake west of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula.  It’s a very enjoyable afternoon drive from Sequim or Port Angeles, and the stunning beauty of the Olympic National Park is well worth the drive.  Lake Crescent is a very deep lake, and no one knows precisely how deep it is, because the one time it was measured at 1,000 feet, that was as far as the equipment could measure.  The entire lake is within the National Park, so that’s another reason finding Lake Crescent real estate for sale is almost impossible.

Lake Crescent Real Estate Below the Surface

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent Real Estate Above the Surface

Lake Crescent is known for its brilliant blue waters and exceptional clarity, caused by a lack of nitrogen in the water which inhibits the growth of algae.  The lake is home to a number of great trails, including the Spruce Railroad Trail, Pyramid Mountain trail, and the Barnes Creek trail to Marymere Falls. The Spruce Railroad Trail follows the grade of what was once the tracks of a logging railroad along the shores of the lake. Following this trail on the north side of the lake, one can find the entrance to an old railroad tunnel as well as “Devils Punch Bowl”, a popular swimming and diving area.  [Source:  Wikipedia]

Lake Crescent Real Estate Rare

I am asked periodically if there is any Lake Crescent real estate for sale, and my answer is almost always, “no.”  There is very little privately owned property on the lake, and those who own a home on the lake have no interest in selling.  The only practical way to buy Lake Crescent real estate would be to have wheel barrels full of money and offer a current owner enough to motivate them.  Short of that, this is a worthwhile drive on a beautiful afternoon.  Just don’t look for Lake Crescent real estate for sale signs.

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