Doing your due diligence when you buy a home is extremely important, or you could end up with some big mistakes, like paying too much for a home, or discovering problems you should have discovered before you closed. I’ve written many articles on this real estate blog about due diligence on every aspect of buying. Here are some links to those articles.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence Issues

There are many issues you need to know about when you buy land or a home, but you are not likely to have your own checklists. I do. These are not checklists that other Realtors will be able to offer you (unless they copy my checklists), because I developed these due diligence checklists as a real estate attorney and Realtor over the past three decades. You should do your due diligence when you buy property, but I don’t expect you to become an expert by using these checklists. In fact, having a checklists is helpful, but you also must know how to use the checklists to do your due diligence properly.

Due Diligence Checklists

Land Due Diligence Checklist

Home Inspection Due Diligence

Mold and Mildew Due Diligence

Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Due Diligence

Real Estate Agent Interview Checklist

Sequim Real Estate Buyer Resources 

This last link will lead you to several powerful resources, including online maps and documents on Sequim properties, using an online MLS, Sequim real estate books for buyers, buying foreclosures, how to search real estate issues, and mobile apps for buyers. No real estate brokerage on the entire Olympic Peninsula offers so many free resources to buyers. Enjoy them, and if we can answer questions, simply email for any due diligence questions.

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