Another Sequim custom home sold by yours truly.  Perhaps the emphasis is better placed with this phrase, “Buyers cherry pick another Sequim custom home.”  I’ve written elsewhere about how buyers are coming to Sequim to find the perfect retirement home in a great location and at a really good listing price (leaving room for negotiating), and they are Cherry Picking the Best Sequim Homes for Sale.  I see the reality of this cherry picking again and again.  In another article I explained it this way.

Buyers are cherry picking the best houses in the best neighborhoods at the best prices. This makes 90% of the existing inventory irrelevant or not part of most Buyers’ universe of potential homes. Since the cherry picked homes are not part of the 90% of remaining homes for sale in the MLS, the available inventory that is suitable for a particular buyer is really quite small, perhaps only 10% of the actual inventory.

In Clallam County, we have about 800 single family residences in the MLS for sale. If I am right about this cherry picking process that is going on right now, that would mean there are probably only 80 homes that might actually be suitable for you. But then we both know that you would narrow that list of 80 homes down very quickly, because that includes all homes at all prices in all neighborhoods. So by the time we filter that list of 80 homes based on your parameters, that will leave something like 20 homes on the market that might be suitable for you.

How long do you think those 20 homes will last when all other buyers like you are doing the same thing you are doing–cherry picking the best homes in the best neighborhoods at the best prices?

Imagine a private setting just outside the Sequim city limits on three gorgeous acres.  Then add a 2,100 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath custom built home with genuine hardwood floors, high ceilings, tiled kitchen and bathrooms, away from traffic and noise, and listed about $100,000 below its replacement value at today’s low prices.  This home was just cherry picked off the market by a wonderful retired couple from Salem, Oregon.  Above is a photo of this incredible find, and my clients are very fortunate to have found it before it crosses the radar of other buyers arriving here in the busy spring months starting in March.  There simply are not very many homes like this in this small market.  That’s why I refer to “cherry picking” homes in Sequim.

By the way, there is much more to this home than this photo or my brief description.  There is also another house on the property, a 650 square foot guest home that matches the quality and appearance of the main home, and it also has a garage.  The driveway is all asphalt, too.  All I can say is my clients have stolen one of the finest homes at an incredible price.  How much did it sell for?  Well, let me just say this.  The listing price was $397,500.  My clients bought it for less, and it would have been a bargain at the listing price.  Today’s replacement cost (land, excavation, electric, well, septic, driveway, main house plus guest house) would be approximately $519,000.

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