The Sequim Dungeness River is one of our natural wonders on the Olympic Peninsula. It is the major source of water for the entire Sequim valley and most of the irrigation ditches, which have kept thousands of acres of farmland rich and fertile for 150 years. The Sequim Dungeness River pours out of the Olympic Mountains where it rains over 200 inches a year, and empties into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. High up in the mountains I could not resist taking a little video of the tranquility and beauty of the river.

The Sequim Dungeness River on Video

The Sequim Dungeness River

Sequim is famous for its Blue Hole or Rain Shadow, because we only get 16 inches of rain a year, one-third the rainfall of Seattle only two hours away. But we are in the great Northwest, rich in natural resources, beauty, and Sequim uniquely sits with the Strait of Juan de Fuca on one side to the North and the Olympic Mountains on the other side to the south with lush rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains everywhere.

No wonder retirees from Southern California, Florida, New York, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, Texas, and so many other states are attracted to Sequim. With the southern draughts, the crime problems, the pollution, high taxes and regulations, and now major immigration issues, retirees view Sequim as a Haven of the Northwest, and it is. 

As I stood on a sandbar of the Sequim Dungeness River high in the Olympic Mountains yesterday, I was reminded of why so many of us love the Sequim area. There are so many reasons, but peace and tranquility are certainly part of the appeal. The Sequim Dungeness River reminded me of that peace and tranquility.

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