Sequim is green and beautiful.  I can personally testify to how green and how beautiful.  I served in the USAF as a JAG at Nellis AFB on the North end of Las Vegas during the Kuwait war.  I enjoyed my five years in Nevada.  It was a great experience, and my body acclimated to the desert heat.  The desert has a certain beauty, especially right after it rains, but the desert is also a pretty barren place.  You get used to bland colors, varying hues of sand colors and rock colors.  Still I loved it, and I enjoyed jogging through the desert daily.  I love getting out in nature and seeing its beauty.  Rick Crimmel caught the essence of the Nevada desert in this photo taken out in the Lake Mead area.  I took my three boys to Lake Mead almost every hot weekend.

And our contrast is this photo taken by yours truly from deep within the Olympic National Park.  The Sequim and Port Angeles areas are so green.  The first time I drove my family to Sequim from Vegas, pulling a trailer with everything we owned in 1994, I found myself saying repeatedly out loud, “Wow, look at those big green trees!  Aren’t they beautiful!”  Having lived in the desert for five years and coming back to the Northwest was a wonderful experience for me, and that was never so pronounced as when I saw how green it is in the Sequim area.

In 1994 my three boys were still young.  My oldest, Jesse, was in Junior High, and Bristol and Brady were in elementary school.  My decision to move here was motivated by the need to get my sons out of gang infested schools in Vegas and finish raising my boys in a safe community.  We found that community in Sequim.  My daughter, Sabrina, was born with the assistance of a midwife in Sequim in a 100 year old farm house adjacent to the Olympic Game Farm.  She is 13 years old now.  All of my children thrived here.  I’m thriving here, too.  Sequim is not only a beautiful place, it is a great place to live.

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