If you have a home that you are selling and it must be a short sale (sold for less than the current mortgage balance), you need to have the right forms, the right application process, and an system that brings together every document and every party involved to get bank approval.  There is such a system, and Chuck Marunde is pleased to share that system with his clients, and other real estate agents, mortgage reps, and attorneys can also use this system online for their clients.

Short Sale System

Short Sale Bank Approval

Getting a short sale approved is no small task.  Anyone who has tried to get a short sale approved knows how difficult it can be (some would say “impossible”).  Banks have not, I repeat “have not,” been cooperative in getting a short sale approved even when it made very good financial common sense for the bank.  I have had short sale offers fail when it was obviously a best case scenario for the bank.  I had a listing in which the bank rejected a very reasonable offer, and today, 8 months later, the house has been abandoned, is run down and not maintained and soon the bank will have to go through a formal foreclosure.  Until they foreclose on it, they have no right to maintain it or protect their interests.  The seller was willing to cooperate with the bank in a short sale, but the bank was not.  The offer was $225,000 and the bank was owed $253,000 at the time.  At the Trustee’s Sale this home will most likely only bring the bank $100,000 to $150,000.  How smart was that?  These banks on the east coast or in the midwest are truly unequipped to handle short sales without a very good system that helps them make the right decisions.

Get Your Short Sale Done Online

Short SaleOne of the reasons banks have not been cooperative involves the chaotic nature of the current short sale and foreclosure market.  Banks and their loss mitigation departments have been completely unequipped to deal with foreclosures and short sales with this volume.  They have not had the short sale experts, nor the staff to even know how to develop systems to handle short sales.

Short Sale Online System

Leave it up to private entrepreneurs to develop a powerful online short sale engine that handles the entire short sale application process.  Watch this video to learn more about how to get your short sale done.  Encourage your Realtor or your attorney to use this short sale system.  Homeowners can also retain me.  For more information, simply email me at chuckmarunde@gmail.com.  Having practiced real estate law for 20 years I understand foreclosures and short sales, but this online short sale system is fantastic.  You can also learn more from the short sale website at Short Sales.

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