Real estate agents must change the way they do business and the way they work with clients, or they will be left behind. Marketing and consumer preferences have been dramatically changing during this Internet revolution, and like it or not, real estate agents cannot continue to do business as usual. 

Key for Real Estate Agents

In 2010 I wrote a book to help real estate agents around the country make the transition from the traditional brokerage model to this new world. The title of the book is The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents. Here are some quotes from that book:

Real Estate Agents“Buyers’ are changing the way they hire real estate agents and search for their homes. The free flow of information facilitated by the Internet, inexpensive computers and mobile devices, and consumers’ desires for information coupled with their intense dislike of cheap sales gimmicks and misrepresentations, has launched consumer awareness further and faster in this decade than in the previous 100 years.”

“Today consumers can learn in minutes on the Internet more about a product or service than they could in ten years of research before the Internet. More than that, they can learn directly from the merchant’s previous customers, no matter where they are on the planet. Technology has done something never before possible in history.”

“Technology has made time and distance irrelevant. The distance between two people on the earth and different time zones are no longer barriers to communicating. The Internet has become the most powerful means of communication ever known to man. Nothing trumps a face-to-face in sales, but the Internet as a platform for communicating is unparalleled. With permission marketing and videos, anyone with a sales pitch can reach a target audience with greater efficiency than any previous lead generation and advertising mediums, and by an order of magnitude. This has presented consumers and buyers of homes and land with an unprecedented ability to educate themselves about any real estate market, the community, the job market, recreational opportunities, and lifestyle. They can also do something now they could not do before. They can do their own due diligence on their real estate agent. Egad Batman! Real estate agents will be laid out on a table for all to examine, and all their weaknesses and strengths will be revealed to the whole world. Who benefits? Consumers benefit. And agents who are early adopters benefit.”

Real Estate Agents Changing?

While this book was written to help real estate agents more effectively market their homes and connect with buyers today, you may find it useful when it comes to buying and selling your own home. You’ll find it on at The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents. The entire approach to marketing a home and reaching qualified buyers has definitely changed.

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