Timber trespass happens far more than most people realize. An unintentional or intentional trespass onto someone’s property and cutting trees is “timber trespass.” People can work up a serious froth over this, and battles ensue. I’ve represented many clients in civil lawsuits on this.  Sometimes friendly people can simply work it out, but every once in a while there is what I have called, “the neighbor from hell.”

Timber Trespass

Timber TrespassThe Washington state law can award the stump value of each tree wrongly cut down on a neighbor’s property, which is the fair market value of the timber, and the court can award three times the stump value.  If the cutting was intentional, the court can also award attorney’s fees and costs.

Timber Trespass

Perhaps an explanation of timber trespass with be helpful.  This is a short audio I recorded on the subject of timber trespass:

A Description of Timber Trespass by Chuck Marunde

Timber Trespass

It always pays to know precisely where your boundary lines are and exactly which trees are on and off your property.  Timber trespass is a serious civil offense and could costs you dearly.

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