Texas floods wreaked havoc in the spring and now again in the fall of this year. This has become such a recurring nightmare for so many Texans, more Texans are moving to Sequim this year. We’ve always had a strong connection with Texas. The hot weather, the Texas Floods, and the tornadoes are driving people to the Northwest, and when Texans do their online research, they keep finding Sequim. Sequim has everything they want and nothing they don’t want. We have no tornadoes, no floods, and no nightmare weather extremes. Sequim has become a magnet for retirees from Texas.

Texas Floods and Loss of Life and Property

When you have lived a lifetime in an area like Houston or Dallas or the outlying rural areas in Texas, it is nearly impossible to consider moving to another part of the country. It is understandable how people get emotionally attached to what they have always considered “home.” But the painful loss of life and property from these recurring Texas Floods are apparently causing many to make the transition to the Northwest where they are unlikely to ever see those kinds of losses again in their lifetimes.

From Texas Floods to Sequim and the Blue Hole

Imagine living where there are no temperature extremes. Summers in Sequim, WA are typically in the high 60s and low 70s, and winters typically range from the high 40s to the low 60s. Imagine living where it rains a perfect 16 inches per year, one-third the rainfall of Seattle, and yet only two plus hours west of Seattle. Imagine no droughts, no floods, no tornadoes, and no poisonous snakes.

No wonder the Texas floods are chasing Texans to Sequim, and no wonder we have such a strong connection with Texas. Texans are welcome here, although we hope and pray for their sake that there will be no more nightmarish Texas Floods.

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