We are pleased to announce that Chuck Marunde has been awarded one of the most prestigious real estate awards in the Seattle regional market, The Five Star Real Estate Agent Award for 2014. Less than 7% of 25,000 Seattle area agents received this award. This market includes the Sequim and Port Angeles area. The importance of this award lies not in the award itself, but the basis upon which it was given. The award is based upon ten criteria: customer service, integrity, market knowledge, communication, negotiation, closing preparation, post-sale service, finding the right home, marketing of a home, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, past clients were asked whether they would recommend the agent to a friend. This information is incorporated into a client scoring algorithm as a cross check against their average rating.

Real Estate Agent Award

Real Estate Agent Award Credentials

Chuck Marunde is a virtual real estate broker in Sequim, Washington, with over three decades in real estate, 20 years as a real estate lawyer, and he is the author of half a dozen books and thousands of magazine and Internet articles (and videos). He is an adviser to brokers around the country and national expert on real estate transactions. He created more online real estate content for buyers in the Sequim and Port Angeles area than any other broker in his market. It was partly this experience and contribution that was the basis for the Real Estate Agent Award.

Real Estate Agent Award

Some of the free online resources that Chuck has made available for buyers includes: Sequim MLS (including Port Angeles), Sequim & Port Angeles MLS with both MLS Services, Sequim Real Estate Blog (with over 1,700 articles for buyers), Sequim Real Estate Q&A, Sequim Photos, and Sequim Real Estate Books.

A hearty congratulations to Chuck Marunde for The 2014 Real Estate Agent Award.

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