This Sequim Realtor is showing houses from Port Angeles to Sequim to Port Townsend to Port Ludlow.  That doesn’t mean I’m writing up offers every day, but it does mean that buyers are looking at homes and are ready, able, and willing to buy now . . .  if they can find the ideal home and property.

Here’s an interesting development for Sequim Realtors and Realtors around the country now that gas prices have skyrocketed.  It’s a lot more expensive to drive clients around to view homes than it used to be.  I could not resist taking this photo of this gas hog when I was filling my own gas tank with liquid money. 

Sequim Realtor Parked

Sequim Realtor

Sequim Realtor Hangs Out at Gas Stations

Of course, sitting behind the wheel of this 7-gallon-per-mile rig was a petite blond woman.  How does that happen?  I see little blonds driving these monster trucks all the time.  Amazing.  How do they even get in and out of these trucks?  I noticed she was parked about 40 feet from the gas pumps at the Sequim Safeway gas station, and she was texting on her cell phone.  I’m speculating, but perhaps she was texting with her bank about getting a short term loan to fill up her truck’s gas tank.  Or maybe she was texting her boyfriend, asking him to bring cash or gold bullion to fill the tank again.  As I drove past her, I paused to chat through the window (as I cocked my head to look upward), and I asked her if she needed directions to the next gas station.  I told her I had a map with all the local gas stations highlighted.  She gave me a funny look.  Either she didn’t comprehend my dry wit, or she didn’t think it was funny.  As I pulled away, I did see in my rear view mirror the big “For Sale” on the back window.  (Yea, if she paid me to take it, I might agree.)

Sequim Realtor a Chauffeur

Sequim RealtorsDriving clients around to view homes for a Sequim Realtor now requires a line of credit from a bank or a Chevron gas card.  Look, you have to find some humor in these challenging times, or you’ll go crazy.  I suppose there is more than one Sequim Realtor wishing he or she didn’t drive a Humvee or Ford Expedition.  I drive a 4-door Crown Vic, and not only is it comfortable for my clients, I don’t have to have a line of credit to keep the gas tank full.  But this Sequim Realtor does consider it a pleasure to drive clients around to view homes even if a gallon of gas is the equivalent of a hamburger and fries.

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