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What’s The Sequim Average Temperature?

The Sequim average temperature is surprisingly comfortable and well within the normal comfort zone, and that is precisely because we don’t have extremes in either direction. 

Sequim Average Temperature

Graph from [Sequim Average Temperature]

You can click on this image to see the Sequim average temperature as well as a full weather analysis of Sequim, including a Sequim climate summary, Sequim cloud cover, Sequim precipitation or Sequim rainfall, Sequim snowfall, Sequim humidity, and Sequim wind. This site at is really great, and I highly recommend it. (more…)

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  • Sequim Weather App

    You’ll love this Sequim weather tool, and it’s free online. You can view current Sequim weather, temperatures, wind direction and speeds, wave heights, and much more.

    Sequim Weather

    Sequim Weather

    I use this Sequim weather tool all the time, and it’s absolutely free online at You can use your browser and simply type in the location you want to drill down to, like Sequim WA.  (more…)

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  • The Sequim Blue Hole

    The Sequim Blue Hole is real, and I have proof. This is a fun short video I did showing you the scientific proof the Sequim blue hole is for real, and giving you a view of Sequim from above from my drone. Don’t forget to make sure your Youtube settings are for HD quality and enlarge this video on your monitor, or watch it on Youtube.

    Sequim Blue Hole is Real

    The Sequim Blue Hole is why we only get 16 inches of rain a year while Seattle gets 45 inches a year, and Seattle is only 50 miles away as the crow flies. The climate and weather are amazing in Sequim, but don’t tell anyone. The next thing you know, a lot of people will be moving to Sequim. Let’s keep this Sequim blue hole thing just between us.  (more…)

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    Snow in Sequim

    Snow in Sequim is not common, and this much snow is something that only happens about once every two decades. Sequim weather is famous for being mild without extremes, either hot or cold. Summers are typically in the 60s and 70s, and winters are typically in the 40s and 50s, but not this February. Of course, the entire country is getting crazy weather this year, too.

    Snow in Sequim: Are You Serious?

    Snow in Sequim in February

    Snow in Sequim is so rare, at least snow that sticks for a few days. When we do get snow like this, children are out sledding and laughing with the kind of deep joy that only comes from children going sledding for the first time. It’s a joy to experience, and I experienced it with my own children when they were young 22 years ago.

    The video above is my home and my dog . . . out playing.

    When we do have snow in Sequim like this, we stay home. Unless you have to work, you wouldn’t risk an accident or getting stuck somewhere. It’s a heavy sticky snow, because the temperature goes above freezing during the middle part of the day, and that makes it hard to drive through, unless you have a high four-wheel drive. 

    This kind of snow and cold weather won’t last long, so even if it lasts a week, as they say, “this too shall pass.” Snow in Sequim is fun, but also a little dangerous if a person is not prepared. We stock up on food and wood for heat in case we lose our electricity. That’s rare, too. For now, we will enjoy snow in Sequim while it lasts.

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  • Does Sequim Get Snow?

    Today I answer the question, “Does Sequim get snow?” with this photo. Now you know the dirty little secret. The answer is yes to “Does Sequim get snow?” This is February 8, 2019, and the Heavens are pouring snow upon the land with huge snowflakes. Make that gigantic snowflakes.

    Does Sequim Get Snow

    Does Sequim Get Snow?

    I love to return phone calls to clients and say, “This is Chuck Marunde returning your call from sunny Sequim.” That usually is followed by a little chuckle as people know quite well the reputation of Sequim and our sunny weather in the blue hole. But today, I had to return some phone calls and say, “This is Chuck Marunde returning your call from the land of snow and ice, Sequim.” 

    It was about 18 years ago that Sequim was hit with a record snow fall. I remember it well. We were all snowed in and couldn’t even get out of our driveways for several days. I dug my driveway out with a shovel and got to Safeway on the 3rd day of the snow, but the shelves were empty, at least for all the basic items we like to buy. All the bread shelves were empty, the milk was gone, no eggs left, not a banana in the store. It was a fascinating experience for me.

    Does Sequim Get Snow? Are You Serious? Go Shopping!

    So yesterday in preparation for the coming snow, I went to Safeway and Costco to pick up a few things. I got the very last shopping cart at Safeway, and many of the shelves were almost empty. I have never seen Costco this busy since they opened up in Sequim over a decade ago. The parking lot was almost full, and it normally is only half full.

    Today I texted my firewood guy who is supposed to deliver another cord of firewood, but he texted back, “It may need to be tomorrow or Sunday depending on the roads as wrecks everywhere today.” 

    Does Sequim Get Snow? Yes, but it’s been 22 years since I’ve seen snow like this. It’s kind of fun for a change, and young children always enjoy seeing snow and sledding for a day or two. My dog loves playing in the snow. But it is dangerous for many, because there will be some car accidents, and some people will have trouble getting out to pick up food or prescriptions.

    So while we can say yes to does Sequim get snow, we can also say that it’s rare, unlike New York (and elsewhere in the midwest and northeast) where they see  this kind of weather (and worse) every winter.

    If I get anymore phone calls today, maybe I’ll just have some fun, and go back to my original welcome about returning the call from sunny Sequim. On the other hand, if my caller asks, “Does Sequim get snow?,” I will be honest and share this photo with them.

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  • California Fires and Escaping to Sequim

    California fires are once again driving people out of California to the Northwest. The total loss of one’s home and everything in it would be a nightmare of epic proportions for sure, but there’s much more that is driving people out. My California buyers are using almost the identical descriptions with phrases like these: forest fires, increasing crime, illegal aliens, political insanity, increasing traffic nightmares, increasing regulations and bureaucracies for business owners, increasing taxes, draughts, floods, and the looming threat of a big earthquake.

    California Fires Again

    California Fires Pushing People to Sequim

    What is happening in California is disturbing, and now the state is losing the middle class in a mass exodus. Why are many of these Californians moving to Sequim? Of the long list of nightmare phrases that explain why they are leaving their beloved California, Sequim has virtually none of these, with the exception of the potential big earthquake. California fires are just one of the major problems.

    In the case of a big earthquake, there is a dramatic difference between living in California and Sequim. If the big one hits California, the freeway on-ramps and exits will likely be down, electricity will be off, gas stations will be closed, grocery stores will be out of food within hours, municipal water systems will be down, cell phone service will almost certainly be down, and there will be mass destruction of buildings. You won’t be able to escape, because there will be no way of escape!

    And then, you know what would be coming next. As you huddled in your home or emergency shelter, the criminals would be out in force at night stealing food and anything else they wanted. Do you really want to be forced into a Wallmart FEMA shelter for who knows how long? The military will be guarding these FEMA centers, and there will be security fences and security gates so you cannot leave. Why? They will keep civilians in the shelters “for their own protection.” There’s no way they will let you come and go at your leisure.

    Contrast that with living in Sequim in a big earthquake. In my single level 1850 square foot home I would have some broken windows and some broken dishes, but that would be the extent of the damages. I have a private well and private septic, and I have a backup generator that runs on propane or gasoline. I have some emergency food on the shelves for a period of months. Of course, the area power would be down, there would be no cell phone service, the gas stations would be closed, and the grocery store shelves would empty of staple items within hours. While those consequences create a nightmare scenario in metro California, it would not here in rural Washington.

    Since Sequim is too far from Seattle/Tacoma and Olympia with the bridges down and no direct access (other than boat) for outsiders, Sequim would not suffer the onslaught of roaming criminals and masses of starving people. They would in Seattle, but not in Sequim.

    I would also point out that we have plenty of crystal clear water flowing out of the Olympic Mountains, and we have fishing galore, and we have masses of deer and wildlife. We also live in an agricultural area with a lot of organic crops and an untold number of beef cattle in the area. The point is, we have a lot of ways to survive here that Californians simply do not have. Many locals have their own organic vegetable gardens and many also have some animals, like cows and sheep.

    I’m not interested in going conspiracy theory on you, and I won’t because I’m not a conspiracy guy, but if you’ve read some of my 2,000 blog articles or any of my dozen books, you’ll recall this statement, “The answers you get are only as good as the questions you ask.” Too many people are not asking the right questions, so they never do get answers to some critically important issues.

    I was a forest fire fighter for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska for four summers as I worked my way through college. I know how forest fires travel, what their limits are, and how they catch houses on fire. It is virtually impossible for a forest fire at 1,100 degrees to melt glass and steel like we are seeing in these California fires. It also does not make sense that houses are reduced to ashes with all the appliances and metal melted to nothing while there are still green trees standing around the houses. I speak from truth, since there are many Youtube aerial videos showing this exact reality. I don’t know the answers to the question, “What is going on with these California fires?,” but I can tell you as 30-year fire fighters in California have said, “Something is terribly wrong here.” I’m not answering the question. I don’t have that kind of knowledge and wisdom, but there are legitimate questions out there, and this video raises some of them. Please don’t jump to conclusions and assume that I am a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. I’m only raising questions, not answering the questions.

    Why are people leaving California? The California fires are one reason, but just one of many. Yesterday a Redding man who is in Sequim looking at homes told us that his home just burned up in Redding. How tragic! I wish he had sold his home long before the fire and had moved to Sequim before he lost his home. All of these reasons and the unanswered questions about the fires are legitimate reasons there is such an exodus from California to Sequim.

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  • Sequim Summer Breaks

    Sequim summer has broken out all over the place. In this short Sequim video, I’m sitting in one of my favorite places in a chair in my back yard looking at my gorgeous panoramic view of the Olympic Mountain range from Sequim all the way over to Hurricane Ridge above Port Angeles. Listen for the birds singing in this video. 

    Sequim Summer

    This is a great time to come and visit Sequim if you are still trying to decide where to retire. Schedule your tour to see homes with P.S. If you don’t already know it, we should tell you that Chuck Marunde is the most experienced buyer’s agent on the entire Olympic Peninsula. Not only do you get decades of real estate sales experience, you get the experience of a 20-year real estate attorney. Do your due diligence, but don’t you want to be represented by the most qualified broker who will protect your interests and negotiate the best price and terms?

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    Snow in Sequim–Are You Serious?

    Snow in Sequim is rare, but this just happened overnight! Amazing and beautiful! This is our first snow in Sequim in about four years. My dog didn’t know what it was, but he figured out he likes to lick it. Since I took this photo this morning, the sun has risen higher and the clouds have cleared, so it is now approaching 40 degrees at 10:45 in the morning. The snow may be gone by the end of the day.

    Snow in Sequim

    Snow in Sequim and Sledding

    When there is snow in Sequim, all the kids run outside to play in it before it melts. There’s not really enough snow to sled, but some of us have sleds our kids can ride in the back yard or in the park. There are a few small hills where kids will sled for a little while before the snow melts. Robin Hill Park has a nice little sledding hill where my own children had fun.

    Snow in Sequim

    Fortunately, when there is snow in Sequim, the highway department quickly clears the snow from the roads, although most of it just melts as soon as the sun comes out. Soft snow isn’t dangerous to drive on, because there’s decent traction on soft snow. It’s only when the snow melts and freezes or when it gets packed and icy that it gets dangerous. Your average retiree in Sequim is smart enough to just stay home until it melts on the roads. Life is safer that way when there is snow in Sequim.

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  • First Frost in Sequim

    This morning we had our first frost in Sequim. It’s a beautiful sunny day with hardly any clouds in the sky. It was very early this morning when I heard my Sequim weather station tell me the temperature outside had reached 32 degrees. That didn’t last long. The temperature went up to 40 degrees shortly after the sun began to melt the frost on the blades of grass in my yard.

    First Frost in Sequim

    First Frost in Sequim

    First Frost in Sequim December 6th

    We’re in December, and it’s finally getting cold. Of course, cold for Sequim in the winter is a quick dip to freezing in the early morning hours, and so today was the first frost in Sequim. I love it. The yards and fields are all bright green as you can see in this photo above. The grass hardly grows during the coldest months of December and January, but since this is the wet time of year, the grass turns a bright green and stays that way all the way into the summer.

    It’s hard to predict the precise date that will give us the first frost in Sequim. People ask me, “What are winters like in Sequim?” I usually say something like, “Which winter?,” because it seems every winter is a little different. We haven’t had snow in Sequim for three or four years. When we do get snow, it’s usually a couple of inches and melts within hours, but since we rarely see it, it is fun for a short time. With a little luck, maybe we’ll have a white Christmas.

    Because our winters are mostly in the 50s, and our summers are mostly in the 60s, we have an incredibly mild climate without those darn cold extremes of the midwest or the east coast, and we don’t suffer the hot extremes of the south. I sold homes to couples from Virginia and Pennsylvania recently, and they both reminded me of how humid the heat can be on the east coast.

    Our first frost in Sequim reminded me of how mild our Sequim weather really is. What a beautiful day for a walk with my dog.

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  • Sequim Storms

    Sequim storms are rare, but we have some incredible online tools now to see the exact weather in real time, including the wind and the height of waves at any point you place your mouse on the map. We are in the winter months now, so Sequim storms are more likely for the next couple of months. You’ll love this new site which is the most powerful one I’ve found at Sequim Storms.

    Sequim Storms

    Sequim Storms on a Map

    About a month ago we received a weather warning regarding Sequim storms, and the report stated that the storm could be worse than any storm since 1962. I made sure I had extra water supplies at home as well as food to last in case we had a terrible storm. I used the map above to look at the wind and waves on the Pacific side of the Olympic Peninsula, and also to see what was coming down over Sequim from the Olympic Mountains. I could even measure the height of waves on th Strait just north of the Sequim shoreline. Guess what? The great storm missed Sequim, although it hit all around us, including the Oregon and Washington Pacific shorelines, and even Tacoma and into Canada across the Strait. As I’ve said before, bad Sequim storms are really quite rare.

    Sequim Storms

    You can use this weather site above [Sequim Storms] to look at weather patterns, waves, temperatures, and wind anywhere in the world. Don’t you love the technologies available to us on the Internet?

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  • Sequim Weather is . . .

    Sequim weather is cloudy and overcast, wait . . . Sequim weather is sunny and beautiful. Well, it all depends on the time of day lately. Sequim weather is famous for its blue hole or as it is also known, the Sequim Rain Shadow.

    Sequim Weather

    Sequim Weather

    Retirees from all over the United States find Sequim when they are researching the best place to retire, and part of that decision includes the best weather, an even climate without extreme temperatures and without natural disasters. Voted one of the 10 Best Places to Retire in the U.S., Sequim keeps showing up for all those who diligently search.

    Sequim Weather Without Extremes

    I understand extreme temperatures, because I have lived in the two greatest extremes in the U.S. In Alaska I learned what 70 degrees below zero was like almost every winter, and in the summers in Nevada I learned what it felt like to work in 100 degrees in a military uniform. Sequim winters are in the 40s and 50s, and the summers are in the 60s and 70s. How sweet it is.

    Whatever you are looking for in your retirement years, it’s hard to beat such an even climate and only 16 inches of rain a year, one-third the rainfall of Seattle. Sequim weather is delightful, although it’s not always sunny. Don’t tell anyone.

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  • Sequim Flood on Vacant Lots

    This Sequim Flood caught my eye, because it covers several lots that have been for sale for years, and I had no idea that these lots could be under water until now.  This is on the north side of Sequim about six miles from downtown Sequim. You can see an aerial view of this mini Sequim flood on the video below.

    Sequim Flood

    Sequim Flood

    Here’s an interesting video angle from about 60 feet above the water. This perspective is taken from Hogback Road just off Lotzgesell.  This little Sequim flood is not near the Sequim-Dungeness River, and it’s not at the base of a mountain range where it could collect water, so how did all this water rise to record levels in this neighborhood so close to the bluff? This is a low area where the water table is naturally high and where surface water can gather after a lot of rain, and this has been a record winter for rain in the Sequim area.

    Sequim Flood Not Common

    This kind of Sequim Flood is not a Common Occurrence, and that’s what made this event worthy of a video. It does make an interesting point, however, for anyone thinking about buying a vacant lot to build a home. These lots under water are part of a short plat that was surveyed, and utilities were installed. There is a large electric box halfway under water in the photo at the boundary of two of the lots. The point is, the county building department approved this short plat, apparently unaware that it could become part of a Sequim flood.

    This means when looking at vacant lots where you hope to build your retirement home will involve some due diligence, common sense, and perhaps a local who has been around for a long time. Maybe that way you can avoid your own Sequim flood in your house.

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  • I Love My Sequim Weather Station

    I love my Sequim weather station. I actually live in what is nearly the center of the Blue Hole, aka the Sequim Rain Shadow. This little Sequim weather station is so cool, I could not resist writing about it and sharing why I think it’s a great investment.

    Sequim Weather Station

    The Ultimate Sequim Weather Station

    We all know what the typical annual precipitation is in the Sequim area (16 inches, 1/3rd of Seattle), and we can look up temperatures on the Internet for any time of year. All that is helpful, but when you own a Sequim home, you can’t really tell what the rain fall is in a 24 hour period, or a week, or a month, or the year, unless you have your own Sequim weather station. It’s also nice to know when the temperature reaches freezing.

    Of course, there’s more. You can monitor temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed and wind direction remotely for any location, track historical records and customize email and text alerts to know when conditions change. You can view your weather from virtually anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or computer with the AcuRite app or website, or easily publish your weather reports on Weather Underground. I just think that is cool.

    Sequim Weather Station

    I’m sure that some would just say that this is another “toy” that you don’t really need. You might discuss spending a couple of hundred dollars on your own Sequim weather station with your spouse, and she might feel it is an unnecessary expense. Since I am a bachelor, I looked in the mirror and asked myself if I really needed my own Sequim weather station. The answer came back with a strong endorsement for the 5-in-1 Acurite weather station, and I thought I heard a soft voice say, “Chuck, you’ve been an especially good boy this year, and you deserve a Sequim weather station.”

    By the way, it was very easy to set up, and the monitor sits on my kitchen counter and communicates wirelessly with my outdoor unit. You can set alarms on the system, too. Last night I set an alarm on the temperature when and if it reaches freezing, and it did early this morning. It reached 30 degrees for a short time before going back up. If you have animals like I do, it’s good to know what the outdoor temperature is. I love my Sequim weather station.

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  • It’s winter and time for blizzards, tornadoes, floods, and extreme temperature, but not in Sequim. Sequim weather is well known as mild without extremes and without all the terrible natural disasters that hit other states every winter.


    No Blizzards, No Tornadoes, No Hurricances, No Floods

    Winter in Sequim naturally means colder temperatures, some overcast and gray skies, and a little rain. While we might complain a little, we are so fortunate we do not suffer from blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and icy cold temperatures. Many winters we don’t even have snow.

    Yesterday I drove to Silverdale, which is one hour south of Sequim, and about 10 miles outside of Silverdale, it was snowing with slushy roads. On the way back to Sequim a few hours later, and once again as I got close to Sequim the roads were clean with no snow and no rain. It was overcast in Sequim, and the temperature was about 45 degrees, but I’ll take that any day over the nasty weather that is so common this time of year south and east of Sequim.

    Sequim weather

    I Don’t Miss Blizzards

    I don’t miss tornadoes (I lived in Illinois), flash floods (I lived in Vegas), blizzards (I lived in Alaska), 115 degrees or 50 below zero, so I’m thankful Sequim doesn’t have blizzards, or any of these, but Sequim weather is not perfect either. Still, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the perfect climate, I would rate Sequim a high 7.5.

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  • Rain in Sequim: Sequim Weather

    Rain in Sequim? Yes. The joke is that it never rains in Sequim, but of course it does. We’ve had a dry summer, but it has rained generously on and off over the past few weeks, and for that we are grateful. The fields have turned green, and that’s a beautiful thing.

    Rain in Sequim

    Rain in Sequim

    The fall is always gorgeous in Sequim. The leaves have been turning orange and yellow and falling off the trees. The pine trees and the fields are a luscious green. The sunshine, the rain, and the rich soil in the Sequim valley all make for a very healthy environment. This is the time of year when we quit mowing our yards, because the grass stops growing. At the same time, our grass and fields are green throughout the winter, because it stays wet enough and we don’t have temperature extremes. It rarely freezes, so our grass stays green all winter. And you don’t have to mow it! This is a perfect scenario.

    Rain in Sequim and Sequim Weather

    The Sequim-Dungeness River has been high for a few days because of the steady rain. Since the river comes out of the Olympic Mountains, where there is always much more rain than in Sequim, the water comes pouring out of the mountains and down the Sequim-Dungeness River and into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. While the river has been at flood level, homes don’t get flooded here. It just means the water spreads out in some low areas, but there is no flood damage to properties or homes. 

    The rain in Sequim is welcome. I wish we could share some of our rain in Sequim with our friends in California.

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  • Sequim Hornets and Bees

    Sequim hornets have increased in aggressiveness this summer. I know from personal experience. I haven’t been stung in at least 15 years, and this fall I’ve been stung by hornets on two different occasions. I asked a pest inspector if Sequim hornets and wasps have increased this year, and he said, “most definitely”. 

    Sequim hornets

    Sequim Hornets and Bees

    Sequim has a very healthy bee population, and that is wonderful for the good work they do pollinating. Bees are not aggressive, and I work in my own garden with lots of bees visiting my flowers. They never bother me. But Sequim hornets have been a different matter this summer, and there’s a reason.

    Sequim Hornets in Hot Weather

    Hornets tend to be more aggressive than bees, and they are especially aggressive in hot dry weather. This summer has been a drought of a summer all the way up the west coast, and Sequim has been dryer than in many years past. According to one pest expert, the dry weather has brought hornets in closer to homes this summer. 

    So here’s my tip when you are looking at Sequim property. Be careful about turning over little well sheds that have not been disturbed for years. They make a great protected place for a hornets nest. Any outdoor shed makes a potential home for Sequim hornets. Yesterday while walking around a big barn, I was stung by a hornet that came out of a nest in the ground. It appeared they had nested in a mole’s hole. While Sequim hornets have not been any concern in the past, just be watchful this fall as you walk the fields and hunt for your ideal home, or you might be writing an article like this about how you got stung by Sequim hornets.

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  • The Sequim Blue Hole Does it Again

    The Sequim Blue Hole strikes again! Live Doppler Radar shows how Sequim and the little Sequim Peninsula is completely dry while all surrounding areas are raining. This became quite an object lesson this afternoon as the Sequim Airport sponsored their annual Sequim Air Affaire. At 7:00 a.m. the airport was nearly socked in and looking ugly, but by noon, the Sequim Blue Hole opened up, while rain clouds and inclement weather could be seen all around the airport.

    Sequim Blue Hole

    Sequim Blue Hole

    To read more about this famous weather phenomenon, read this article at Sequim Blue Hole. You can learn more about the Sequim Airport and the Air Affaire at Sequim Airport.

    Sequim Blue Hole Big Attraction

    The Sequim Blue Hole has put Sequim on the map for retirees from all over the United States and the world. This brokerage has had buyers from as far away as the Netherlands, Japan, and China. Retirees are often looking for a climate without extremes, and a place where they can live comfortably and safely. The Sequim Blue Hole puts Sequim between Alaska and Nevada in terms of climate, and has no extreme temperatures and no extreme weather conditions. 

    No wonder so many retirees have been researching Sequim and buying their homes here. For many, the first time they find out about the incredible Sequim weather is when they first read about the Sequim Blue Hole. 

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  • Sequim Garden a Hint of Heaven

    Do you want a beautiful Sequim garden? Are you a master gardener? Do you want your back yard to be a hint of Heaven? This is a Sequim garden of a home I just sold, and even though it is a small lot, this owner has done an amazing job of making this lot a peaceful little haven to enjoy every day. He even has water trickling through the yard which adds to the mood.

    Sequim Garden

    Sequim Garden Beautiful

    The amount of landscaping and gardening you want to do or are willing to do to maintain your ideal property is something to consider when you are filtering homes online, although it’s hard to tell from the online photos what will be required. I’ve learned from working with hundreds of buyers that it boils down to personal passions. Maybe you are a master gardener, or you love gardening. Our rich soil, blue hole and sunshine, the climate and the right amount of rain (with some added watering with your loving touch), makes for the perfect garden (elaborate or tiny). See this earlier article about a Sequim Garden.

    Sequim Garden Expense

    Another home I sold had more than a full acre beautifully landscaped and planted with a wonderful variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Of course, this kind of landscaping can be expensive, upwards of $50,000. But the loving touch of a master gardener can turn a boring yard into the kind of Sequim garden in which you think you’ve died and gone to Heaven. See this earlier article describing a Sequim garden at Fine Gardening.

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  • Sequim Summer Weather

    Sequim summer weather has been gorgeous of late. This past weekend could not have been more beautiful as it hosted the Sequim Lavender Festival. Sunday evening cooled off after a 90 degree day, and I took this photo as the sun was setting off the northern beaches of Sequim. Enlarge this photo by clicking on it, and you’ll get a much better feel for Sequim summer weather. See if you can spot the only ship on the horizon.

    Sequim Summer Weather

    Sequim Summer Weather Mild

    I grew up in Alaska where temperatures dipped to 70 degrees below zero nearly every winter, and I served in the USAF in the deserts of Nevada where my body acclimated to training outside at 113 degrees above zero. Sequim summer weather is the perfect in between. Summers and winters in Sequim do not have the extremes of most climates. Lately the Sequim summer weather has been a pleasant reminder of why I like to say often, “Another day in Paradise.”

    Sequim Summer Weather

    Here’s a fun experiment for you. Compare your temperature and weather in your current location in California, or wherever you are, with the temperature and weather in Sequim throughout the year. When it’s 109 in Las Vegas, it is typically 74 in Sequim. Almost too good to be true. Sequim summer weather is nothing less than gorgeous.

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  • A Deck With a View

    Imagine sitting on the deck of your new home sipping a delicious latte (or maybe a glass of wine?), looking at a gorgeous water view (or mountain view), a fresh breeze coming from the ocean, and feeling more relaxed than you’ve felt in years now that you’re retired and settled into your dream home. This is a dream come true for many who retire in Sequim (or Port Townsend or Port Angeles).


    A Deck in the Sun

    In Sequim the best water view is typically from a deck on the north side of the house, and the sunniest side will be the south side. The mountain view is also to the south. While Sequim is famous for being in the blue hole and only getting 16 inches of rain annually, we do get a combination of sun and rain that is hard on wooden decks. Wooden decks eventually fade, splinter, and rot, so Trex decking or other composite decking that is weather proof has become quite popular.

    A Deck for Enjoyment and Entertainment

    In this photo above, my clients arranged their deck so they could entertain friends, which they enjoying doing regularly. And with a beautiful view of Sequim Bay, their deck is a Heavenly place of peace and relaxation. With spring arriving and flowers blooming, it is time again to enjoy the deck. When you’re looking at homes in the MLS online, it’s hard to tell which way the deck faces, but you can often use Google maps to help answer the question on the exact location of the deck and whether it faces north or south.

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    (360) 775-5424

    From Los Angeles

    It's rare, but once in awhile life provides the perfect collaborator for an important endeavor such as buying your new home. For me that person was Chuck Marunde. His two decade background as a Real Estate Attorney, his prolific career as an author of articles and books on Real Estate and his forthright and moral character made choosing Chuck a no-brainer. Chuck is dedicated, thorough, incredible at the negotiating table, knowledgeable about all local laws & regs but, most importantly, Chuck loves what he does. And what he does is find his client the perfect property. Chuck isn't about making the sale, he's about making the sale that is OPTIMUM for his CLIENT and this makes Chuck a rare bird indeed. I love my new home in Sequim and I am indebted to Chuck for making it happen. Kevin E.

    From Seattle

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck over the past three years in selling my parent's estate. It was a tough time to sell during the housing recession, but Chuck always kept things on the positive side. With his real estate law background, he offers sound, practical advice. He helps you along with the process using discussions and reason, rather than opinions and speculations. If Chuck doesn’t know the answers, he will get them for you. In several instances, Chuck took the initiative to meet with county officials to get up-to-date facts about zoning and regulations. I was always impressed with his company’s tech savvy communi-cations and internet presence: weekly email updates, blogs, videos, links, Linked-in networking, etc. He is truly pioneering the future of buying & selling real estate. Brian M.

    From Florida

    We do our homework for the task at hand and we look for and expect to enlist partners that do the same. It was our good fortune to select Chuck Marunde of Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate to represent us as a buyer's broker in our search for a home in the Sequim/Port Angeles area. Chuck's site is all encompassing and super fast compared to many others, he knows the market at every conceivable level and his guidance through the process of selecting and purchasing a home is priceless - above and beyond that of anyone with whom we have ever worked. Add to all this his 20 year background in real estate law and you have discovered a superb asset in the adventure of purchasing a home. Greg and Marilyn

    From Gilroy California

    As an out of state buyer unfamiliar with the area, it was important to me not only to have a real estate agent who knew the area well, but also one who knew the value of the properties. I chose Chuck because he is also a real estate lawyer and it is reassuring to have that extra degree working for you. I selected the houses I was interested in on line before taking a two day trip to Sequim to look at them in person. I sent my list to Chuck, who gave me feedback, then organized our tour so we could see 16 properties in a short time. He was very accommodating, driving me all over Sequim, and rescheduling appointments when we fell behind on our time. On day two, I found my home and we drafted an offer on it that evening. By the time I arrived back home on the plane the next evening, my offer had been accepted. Chuck was honest about what it would take to get me into my new home, while having my back the entire transaction. Since I was unable to relocate immediately after closing, he and his assistant Ade, have been taking care of many additional responsibilities for me. He was a pleasure to work with. Chris D.

    From Corona California

    The best decision I made, once I settled on Sequim as the ideal place to spend the rest of my days, was to hook up with Chuck Marunde as my broker/go-to guy. He happily took on the entire complicated merry-go-round associated with a long distance move that involved selling in Southern California (with a different agent) and buying in Sequim – all in the span of just over a month. The unexpectedly quick sale of my previous home was already a week into a 30 day escrow when I got to Sequim for my house hunt. We had two days to find my slice of heaven. And day one was less than stellar, each home having at least one major issue. The killer was the dream home that turned out to be an unmitigated disaster once we got inside. I was crushed. Chuck had his work cut out for him that night. And he worked his magic. On day two there was one beautiful possibility, but not quite right. Suffice to say, in the early afternoon we pulled into a driveway and the first words out of my mouth were “That’s my house.” 29 days later I took possession of my new home. Every sale has its issues, but throwing in the complications of a short escrow on top of 1200 miles of separation from all documentation, etc. gives new meaning to “challenging”. Thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge coupled with a great sense of humor, Chuck was able to keep me on an even keel when things got dicey. He knows when to step in and when to let it evolve. I cannot imagine making this move without him. Rebecca B.
    Sequim Real Estate

    From Bakersfield California

    "During the months of February and March 2012, Chuck showed my wife and I over two dozen homes from Port Angeles to Port Townsend. We found Chuck to be very helpful, friendly and courteous. With Chuck there is no pressure; It is all about finding the best home for the buyer. As a Buyer's Agent, Chuck will give you his honest opinion of a property, including a fair market price. In one instance Chuck wrote up an offer for us which was accepted. Chuck was very helpful arranging for home and well inspections which involved multiple trips to the property. Unfortunately, escrow failed to close when, during the home inspection process, it was determined that a septic system repair was needed which the seller was unwilling/unable to make. We will continue to work with Chuck as there is no better Buyer's Agent on the North Olympic" Bert and Sally

    From Los Alamos New Mexico

    "Over a year ago, during a visit to the Olympic Game Farm, we developed what we eventually called the “Sequim Syndrome.” We live in New Mexico and decided Sequim was where we wanted to live in retirement. On our second visit to Sequim, we met with Chuck and asked him to help us. Chuck's web site provides such amazing search capabilities. Chuck's site also contains a 1000 blog postings and a real estate video series detailing buying real estate in Sequim. We bought Chuck's book about Sequim real estate and set out to follow his advice carrying on an ongoing email and phone conversation with Chuck. Doing our due diligence “Marunde style” and using his MLS search site, we came up with about 50 homes that met our needs. We narrowed the list down to 15 properties that best met our needs. We came back to Sequim a third time with our list in hand, and Chuck spent two days with us showing us all the homes on our list. Not only did Chuck help us find that dream home, he spent time to educate us about the quality of construction, fair market values of various properties, home layouts, and the joys of Sequim living. We had a great time as we traveled from house to house. By mid afternoon of the second day, my wife said we had found “the house.” Chuck helped us draft our offer and sent our offer to the seller's agent. It turned out there was a second offer made on the property at the same time. Chuck's help to make a clean offer paid off. At breakfast two days later, we got a call from Chuck saying our offer had been accepted by the sellers. We are now back home in New Mexico. Chuck attends every inspection on our behalf, updating us at every turn by email and phone. Our dream home is becoming a reality because of Chuck and because we were smart enough to follow his advice. We absolutely would NOT have been able to do this without Chuck Marunde's expertise and enthusiasm. We recommend Chuck to everyone planning a move to Sequim, Port Angeles, or anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula. Chuck is a gold mine of information and expertise for home buyers everywhere, not just on the Olympic" Larry and Shirley
    Sequim Real Estate Bookstore

    From Sun Lakes Arizona

    "We are ex-Washington residents who currently live in Arizona. We had been searching the Puget Sound area four years for a waterfront property to build a retirement home when we first contacted Chuck Marunde through his website. We had made multiple trips to various areas but most of the Realtors we contacted simply sent us an email, provided no follow up and did next to nothing to help us locate a property. On our first trip to Port Angeles, after connecting with Chuck, we purchased our dream property. We now own a high bank waterfront lot overlooking the Straight of Jaun de Fuca, and are excited to become part of the Peninsula community." Paul and Linda

    From California

    "Andy Romano is a successful motion picture character actor with over 40 years in 'the Biz.' Mr. Romano has a home in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, but he chooses to live most of the time in Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula in the great Pacific Northwest. Why? In his own words, 'Because it's even more beautiful and surrounded by more beauty in this incredibly peaceful and quiet place. With respect to real estate agents or brokers, well my friend Chuck Marunde, owner of Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate, is hands down the best there" Andy R.

    From Sequim

    I’ve known Chuck Marunde for several years. My wife and I bought and sold one house through his services, and now have another listed through him for sale. Whether Chuck was representing us as the buyer or seller, I am confident he always had our best interests at heart. He helped us set or negotiate a reasonable price, and made sure there was a clear and open line of communication. He responded rapidly to email and phone calls and always knew the best person to contact for the various services involved in a transaction. I have worked with quite a few real estate agents and Chuck is right at the top of my list of good ones. Actually, Chuck is first and foremost just a good person, and he carries his personal honesty and integrity over into his profession. He has the greatest depth of experience in real estate of any agent or broker I have known. His years of practicing real estate law prior to becoming a broker are evident in the meticulous care he takes with the process and documentation. I am impressed by the way Chuck has integrated internet services into his real estate business. He probably knows more about this process than any other realtor in the country. In this tight market it is important to use every possible means to spread the word about available properties…to reach the few people who might be interested in a particular property. Steve L.

    From The Netherlands

    "We contacted Chuck about six months ago to help find a retirement property in Sequim. We had visited Sequim several weeks before and decided that this was the place for us to retire. We liked the friendly people and the natural beauty of the area. We had been looking for some time in other parts of the country - California, Oregon, North Carolina, and Vermont. In most of these other areas, we found real estate agents that were knowledgeable but did not follow up with us to continue narrowing down real estate possibilities. Once we were out of earshot, communications would stop. That is one of the reasons we were interested in working with Chuck. Besides having great knowledge of both the local real estate market and of law, his testimonials on the internet indicated a willingness to actively communicate with his clients. Chuck demonstrated this immediately. Even before we met, he responded very quickly and helpfully to any email question. After arriving for a second visit to Sequim in September, we finally met Chuck face to face. He was friendly, encouraging, and readily shared good practical information. We worked with him on a number of candidate properties - including an offer on a property while visiting that week. Although we could not come to terms with the owners on the final property price, we look forward to continuing to work closely with Chuck. He is an invaluable resource to help us identify and purchase the retirement property that's right for us." Paul and Virginia

    From Fremont California

    We can't say enough about working with Chuck Marunde. Luck would have it that we discovered his web site, spoke with him on the phone and had an instant feeling that we had found our realtor. And we were right. With Chucks help and expertise, our longtime dream to retire to the Pacific Northwest came to fruition with Chuck assisting us in finding the perfect home for us. Buying a home is always a big decision and these days can be complex with unexpected delays etc. In fact, our whole experience from offer day to closing, was very smooth. Chuck took all the time we needed to explain processes and made us feel at ease, even though we lived 800 miles away, tying up loose ends and getting ready for the big move to our new home in Sequim. We were impressed with Chuck's ability to listen to our needs and understand our concerns in buying from a distance. Chuck kept us informed all along the way, during the process and was so good at getting right back to us if we had another question. All went so well and Chuck really went above and beyond for us, taking time out from his busy schedule to assist us with some details regarding our beautiful property, even after the closing, because we were not yet arrived there. Without hesitation, our son and his wife will be contacting Chuck this summer, as they plan to follow us to paradise in this lovely town. Thanks again Chuck, for everything! Mary and Jerry

    From Fontana California

    My husband and I went to Sequim intending to interview several realtors to find one to help us locate and buy a home in Sequim. We knew we wanted someone we could trust and who would have our best interests in mind. Since we would be handling the transaction from S. California this was very important to us. We met Chuck and looked no further. We felt a connection right away and spent some time looking at homes together so Chuck could get a feel for what we wanted. Well, we left Sequim having made an offer on a home which the owner accepted. Chuck has helped us through the purchase process. We are positive it would not have gone so smoothly without his help. We give him 4 thumbs up. Wally & Cathy

    From Tacoma

    Chuck Marunde’s level of expertise in real estate investment is amazing. His knowledge, experience and legal training have given me a dramatic advantage in real estate investing. He works hard to stay on the cutting edge of real estate marketing, sound advice and value-added service for his clients. Kirk Wald, Financial Planner

    From Wendell Idaho

    My wife and I moved to Sequim six weeks ago, and prior to our move here I contacted Chuck Marunde and enlisted his help as our buyer's agent. Once we got here, it took us about two weeks looking at houses, and Chuck did a superb job of showing us places and letting us make our own decisions and guide us through the purchase of our home. We now completed our transaction and are very happy. We would recommend Chuck to anybody. Don & Marilyn

    From Sequim

    "Buying property either commercial or residential can sometimes be a tricky proposition. That’s why I would recommend Chuck to help you with purchasing or selling property. His background as a real-estate lawyer and his no nonsense to the point advice will help you make the right decisions. Experience and Integrity, what you need when you can’t afford to make a mistake. Dail Hurdlow, CEO, Hurdlow Enterprises

    From Seattle

    I am an experienced real estate buyer, but I am not from the Sequim area. I am somewhat flexible, realistic, but also particular. So the question was, “how do you choose the RIGHT real estate agent?”

    I made my appointment with Chuck on a Sunday morning in March, 2013. He showed me 5 houses. Every house he showed me was within my parameters! I was amazed: a real estate who listened, did his research, and didn't waste my time showing me houses I would never buy! I made an offer a few days later. That was the easy part…

    Buying a house is always a stressful time in life. Advice to Buyers: choose an agent who is competent, communicates well, and has exceptional follow-up and follow-through! You will spend a lot of time with your agent during the process. Choose someone likable. Go with your gut. I got to know Chuck during the process, and he's a great guy!

    You need an agent who is competent to handle and help you negotiate the issues that come up during disclosure, home inspection, appraisal, etc. Chuck's competence is superb! I got truly professional, sound, straightforward advice.

    Chuck's communication skills are exceptional: phone, email, fax. He has a wonderful ability to stay "on-point" with what is actually important and doesn't lead you astray on issues that aren't so important.

    Chuck's turn-around time on questions, issue resolution, etc. was virtually always within 24 hours. He follows-up, follows-through. He does what he says he will do timely. This relieves a lot of Buyer stress!

    Having a difficult time finding the right agent? Simplify your life! Choose Chuck Marunde. I did. [Name withheld by request]

    Intro by Chuck Marunde

    From Sequim to California

    "In our Sequim real estate broker Chuck Marunde we found a Realtor who knew not only how to list a property, but most importantly, he knew how to sell a property. Chuck is very skilled in current technology and uses that skill to advertise your property nationally. We were very pleased with Chuck, his honesty and integrity." Jerry Levitan and Donna "Teva" Tetiva

    Who is Chuck Marunde?

    Chuck Marunde is the #1 Sequim Buyer's Agent, having sold more homes (by volume) to buyers than any other agent or any "team" of agents for the past seven years. He is the author of thousands of articles for buyers on this real estate blog, and he is the author of several real estate books for buyers and one for sellers. He is the creator of many free tools that buyers use and love every day. He is recognized as a national expert on real estate transactions, marketing, and negotiating. Please schedule your appointment to view homes with Chuck well in advance of arriving in Sequim.
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